Lars Larson: Crazy Dem ideas make my job easy


by Lars Larson

Do you want to know why my job is so easy? It’s because idiot Democrats keep coming up with crazy ideas.

One idea, that comes out of New Mexico from a young lady who happens to be a member of the Democratic Party, is crazier than most.

We spend more money than every other country on the planet in public education. That’s kindergarten through 12th grade. And yet despite the fact that we spend all that money, we produce a very bad result. About a third of the kids drop out and of those who stay behind, about half of them actually make the grade.

High school graduates go off to college, and a quarter of them – a full 25% – aren’t even capable of college level work.

So what does this young lady from New Mexico want to do? She’s a state lawmaker and she says “Well if we want more kids to graduate from high school, maybe we should lower the standards, and give them a sub-standard high school diploma.”

Yeah, there’s an idea – just lower the bar – and then they can all get a blue ribbon.

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  • Bob Clark

    Kitzhaber and his happy index is somewhat along the same lines. Since Oregon’s relative economic standing versus neighboring Washington state is plummeting based on real dollar economic measures, attack the real dollar economic measures not the morass of Oregon regulations slowing Oregon economic growth. Seriously, could I pay my state taxes with happiness utils instead of cold hard cash?

  • Jack Lord God

    A link? Name? Bill reference? Nope. These really should be in the post. Anyway, tracked it down here.

    • 3H

      Good luck with that. He hasn’t paid attention before, but hopefully he’ll notice this time.

  • james

    The woman in New Mexico must have the same brain power as Kitslobber

  • Myke

    Just goes to show, some people simply don’t have a basic understanding of what standards are for. Looks like New Mexico has lowered it’s standard for legislators.

  • I am ARDBEG

    Good ol’ lying Lars strikes again. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Lying Lars Larson tells his version and frames the response. In Oregon, HS students have 2 options for graduation. One is to meet their schools requirements; typically Clackamas, Tigard, St Helens, ect…have a 28 credit diploma that requires 4 years of math, science and english plus specific electives. It leaves very little in terms of welding, wood shop type classes for the “college bound” student to take. IMO not every student should be going to college. Fortunately Oregon offer another option for students and that is a “State of Oregon” diploma. It gives students the basics-3 years of math, science and english and fewer required electives. Students are less likely to drop out if they can take a “not college bound’ schedule. I’m glad to see NM is offering students and parents more choice in their students education and realize that not every student needs college prep courses to graduate from HS

    • .

      Might say David Appell’s 3rd and possibly 4th DEGREE’s with ‘burning’ ambition a tad superfluous then?


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