Lars Larson: Stop the silly lawsuits


by Lars Larson

It’s about time we stopped silly lawsuits over things like Cup-a-Soup.

A mother has a cup of soup. Her teenage daughter accidently spills it on her little 3-year-old brother. The little boy suffers third degree burns. It’s terrible, he’s had to have skin grafts.

But now the mother is blaming the company that makes Cup Noodles. Cup Noodles is a simple product, it comes dry, you put hot water into it and you’ve got a soup.

The 16-year-old girl accidently spilled that soup on her brother. That’s not the noodle company’s fault. And the mother is saying that the noodle company should redesign its cups to make it harder to spill out of them.

How about this? Just take ordinary care. If you’re handling hot liquids around little kids, if you spill them it’s your fault.

Start taking responsibility and stop looking for a big lawsuit lottery payout that’s going to fatten your bank account and do no good for anybody else in America.

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