The Oregonian revamps size, shape, look

By Jason Williamsoregonian
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Media trend watchers take note that today is the debut of The Oregonian newspaper’s new revamped look in order to adapt to changing tastes & times.   It is now laid out like a weekly tabloid (magazine style).   The sections are big color-coded inserts following the example of USA Today format.   This has got to be the biggest physical change to the newspaper  in 50 years.  With more giant photos and less news-type you can see the trend of more attention getting methods used to highlight an ever shrinking news story base.    Overall, The Oregonian is making a creative pitch to consumers to earn their attention and win more subscribers.  Time will tell if it works.

Postscript: It was interesting that a few weeks ago I mentioned on this blog that paper delivery services  were offering subscribers missing newspaper days (M,T,TH) if they paid a lot more.  Since then several friends contacted me asking how can they get this option as if they were taking part in some bootleg underground service for news junkies.  I found that oddly entertaining.