Flat revenue forecast indicates “Failure to Thrive”


Oregon Senate Republican Office

Salem, OR – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement in response to the June revenue forecast released yesterday:

“For many cycles, the State Economist has warned that Oregon’s economy sinks deeper and recovers more slowly from economic recession than other states, and that analysis is proving to be even more accurate than ever before.

“Oregonians should be asking themselves why Oregon is not recovering like other states in the nation, and slower than our neighboring states in the region.

“They should be asking why elected officials doubt that their failed economic policies are strangling our state. Why does Oregon have a lower per-capital income, higher chronic unemployment, more hungry children and less opportunity than other states in the region?

“Failure to thrive is a symptom. It is the result of too many decades of the ‘status quo,’ and too many smug politicians pushing their ‘progressive’ agendas.”