The Oregonian newspaper moves on Monday

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian newspaper reported this week that it will be moving on Monday into its new office space in the Crown Plaza building at 1500 S.W. First Ave in Portland – two floors of office space “designed with a focus on journalism and sales in a digital age.” The Portland Tribune reported in March of this year that “The [Oregonian] has been downsizing and shifting its focus to the internet for several years.”

The Oregonian in Crown Plaza - July 2014

The Oregonian in Crown Plaza – July 2014 (Oregon Catalyst)

The Oregonian had been in its old location in The Oregonian Building at 1320 S.W. Broadway in Portland for 66 years, since 1948. Prior to 1948 The Oregonian had been in a building at Southwest 6th Ave and Alder St.

The Oregonian has sold their 1320 S.W. Broadway building.

Last year the Oregonian also lost their small office in Portland City Hall.

Crown Plaza

The Oregonian will be sharing the Crown Plaza building with SAIF’s Portland office, the Oregon Medical Board, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and others.

The Oregonian & SAIF in Crown Plaza - July 2014

The Oregonian & SAIF in Crown Plaza – July 2014 (Oregon Catalyst)

Three floors of Crown Plaza used to be home to the Portland FBI office, for 41 years from 1971 to 2012. From there the FBI investigated the November 1971 D.B. Cooper skyjacking case, and in May 1987 a gunman took five unarmed FBI agents hostage in Crown Plaza. During the rescue a bullet went into the Riviera Plaza Building across the street.

Oregonian photo - May 1987

Oregonian photo – May 1987

Departures at The Oregonian

Willamette Week reported yesterday that two more Oregonian veteran staffers had announced they were leaving. One of the veteran staffers sent an email to her colleagues letting them know that although she was leaving the Oregonian, she would continue to write, “sans metrics.” The “without metrics” comment was likely in reference to “steep new quotas for feeding the [Oregonlive] website.”

Willamette Week has reported on the shift at the Oregonian – from more serious journalism to a greater focus on getting online hits using “more reliance on press releases and links to stories from other media outlets,” and “gimmicks such as polls, news stories written solely about readers’ comments, and photo essays on such subjects as obese cats.”

That shift at The Oregonian was lampooned in an episode of Portlandia featuring George Wendt earlier this year.

In recent years, the Oregonian has lost other veteran journalists including Harry Esteve (to a communications job at PSU earlier this year) and Michelle Cole (to lobbying firm Gallatin Public Affairs in 2012).

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  • Peter’s Principle discontined

    Post’n partem question: Was the departure of Peter Bahtia good for OR, bad for AZ?
    Answer: IMO, a resounding YES on both accounts.

    • ARDBEG is back my B……!

      Great minds talk of ideas, average minds speak of events, WEAK minds talk about people. Get my point?

      • PPd

        An your schleps adorn the floor amidst the sawdust, token too often, from your shelves, bardbeg sallow fellow.

  • Leathermouth

    I took the Oregonian for 50 years. When I quit, they called me up and asked me why. I said you have gone totally liberal and I am sick & tired of only getting one side of the story!

  • Sally

    I think the best way for the Oregonian to survive is to put up a big old pay wall on their website. I truly believe people would pay at least $100 a year for this access. It seems to be working for the NY Times.
    If this doesn’t work, they could move into an abandoned Starbucks somewhere.
    Anyway, digital is the future. The Oregonian is getting there. Maybe. I applaud their efforts. They care about Oregon, which means we should care about them.
    If we lost the old lady, then what? Get all our news from some pathetic blog site like this?
    I think not.
    Tip your delivery person often!!!!

    • guest

      Methinks a Sally-Woggle in perpetration here!

      • Troll hunter

        Methinks the guest is really on her.

        • guest

          Lo, certainly not to honor her jiffy malarkey.

          • Sally

            I can’t help myself. I LOVE this paper and all that it has done for the downtrodden, like me.
            Superb journalism….superb!

          • guest

            Dink you should go snit under a David Appell tree and slake until content from a bladder of Ardbeg Scottie.

  • IhateLiberals

    Looks like the same fate as Air America is closing in on the lefty-leaning Oregonian.

    • Just sayin

      Air Am failed because nobody listened. LLarson is a “success” because people listen. Or………Air America failed because it’s listeners have jobs and have better things to do than sit on their butts with the radio on, a free cell phone from BHO, and Maury P. On the tube. Where as “the Lars” has plenty of listeners. Go figure.

      • guest

        Lars’s talk show is a blessing compared to what’s left of US aired on Joseph Goebbels radio, often sublimed as an NPR in progress .

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