Lars Larson: Fear isn’t working to Obama’s advantage

Let’s talk about fear. I don’t mean the scary kind of horror movie fear. I mean the kind of fear Americans have about what President Obama might do.

New Yorkers are afraid because he’s sending the terrorist for trial in New York City. The Chinese are afraid because they don’t think they are going to get paid back. They are afraid President Obama’s Health Care Plan will pass. There are people who are afraid of us losing our national sovereignty and perhaps there is reason to worry about that. President Obama just might go to Copenhagen and try to sign it away.

There’s also reason to be reassured.

That Copenhagen Treaty has to be ratified by the United States Senate. They wouldn’t do it for Kyoto and I don’t think they are going to do it for Copenhagen either.

And, President Obama on health care? Nancy Pelosi keeps promising to deliver this like a Christmas present. I think President Obama is going to be very disappointed.

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