Lars Larson: Fear isn’t working to Obama’s advantage

Let’s talk about fear. I don’t mean the scary kind of horror movie fear. I mean the kind of fear Americans have about what President Obama might do.

New Yorkers are afraid because he’s sending the terrorist for trial in New York City. The Chinese are afraid because they don’t think they are going to get paid back. They are afraid President Obama’s Health Care Plan will pass. There are people who are afraid of us losing our national sovereignty and perhaps there is reason to worry about that. President Obama just might go to Copenhagen and try to sign it away.

There’s also reason to be reassured.

That Copenhagen Treaty has to be ratified by the United States Senate. They wouldn’t do it for Kyoto and I don’t think they are going to do it for Copenhagen either.

And, President Obama on health care? Nancy Pelosi keeps promising to deliver this like a Christmas present. I think President Obama is going to be very disappointed.

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  • Diamond Jim Franconni

    Fear is working for Obama. I am afraid of what he is doing to our nation.

  • matthew vantress

    where were you lars when your buddy bushie was running us into the ground financially for his unnecessary iraq war for oil?its funny you criticize and question obama over war spending but you didnt question bush the same about all his fear mongering and scare tactics he used to scare us into supporting the war.lars you are a hypocrite.obama has not done half as worst as your buddy bush did to america.of course lars republicans that do wrong,spend like there is no tomorrow like bush did in iraq get a free pass with you huh?hey llars at least obama talks about the average person and the economy regularly and not about iraq and the middle east like your buddy bush did every least obama dont have the whole world ticked off at us like your buddy bushie did.bush was the worst president ever.

    • Steve Plunk

      Matthew, Unfortunately your post is incoherent and plain wrong. The war was not about oil. Lars is pointing out the current president’s shortcomings and rather than address those you want to keep talking about the previous president. That misdirection technique is common among liberals but ineffective. People are getting smart to such nonsense.

      Obama is proving his pre-election critics correct every day. He lacks the experience and the temperament to lead this country. He relies too much on fear as a tool to gain support for tired liberal programs and ideas. No offense to Lars but he is pointing out the obvious.

      • v person

        Some New Yorkers may fear hosting the upcoming trials. OK…so what? That means we should not have these trials? Because of fear? Lars doesn’t say. The Chinese fear they won’t get paid back on the T-Bonds they are buying? Maybe so, but they keep buying them. “They” are afraid the health care plan might pass? They who? The Chinese? Why would the Chinese fear that we might pass a health care bill? And if they did, why should we care about what they think? Shouldn’t we pass whatever domestic policy we think is right for us, or are we supposed to ask the permission of the Chinese government?

        “There are people who fear we might lose our nation sovereignty.” Why, because the President might go to Denmark nd negotiate an agreement on climate change? Didn’t we elect a president to negotiate with foreign leaders and establish agreements that are in our interest? Yep, that is in the job description. Didn’t Obama and McCain both run on creating a cap and trade system? Yep, they both did. And together didn’t they get 99% of the vote? Yep.

        And health care. Didn’t Obama also run on that issue? Wasn’t he actually elected? Yes and yes. So chill out Lars. Obama is trying to implement the policies he ran on. Don’t act surprised. And don’t be afraid. You will still be rich and free to speak your mind when he is done.

  • v person

    I just wish the fake v person would quit name jumping me, his liberal views are making me sound like a complete fool!

  • matthew vantress

    hey steve plunk got anything to say about the daily fear mongering in the past from bush for the iraq war?its hypocritical and selfish for you republicans to criticize obama now but we never heard a word from you on all the spending and damage bush did to post is not incoherent at all mr republicans are the most hypocritical i have ever seen.btw what did bush and the republicans ever do for the middle class and poor during bushes 2 terms mr plunk?

    • Scottiebill

      Hey, Matthew, You have conveniently forgotten, or ignoring, one vital piece of information. Bush is no longer president. And he hasn’t been in almost 11 months. It is high time that you and your buddies who are terminally afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome understand that and start to realize that whatever The Komrade Incompetent, that you guys voted in a year ago, is now in charge of things and his actions, right or wrong (mostly wrong so far) are his and his alone.

      You and your buddies with BDR have got to stop blaming President Bush for everything that has happened in the world since Noah ran his boat aground on Mt. Ararat a fair number of years ago. I would not be surprised if you guys are accusing Bush of being at the helm of Noah’s boat that day.

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