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Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate

Now that you know Monica supports marriage equality, here are just a few more examples of where she’s willing to put Oregon ahead of partisan politics….

1. Will Fight for Term Limits: Fixing the mess in Washington, D.C. requires changing the way Congress works. That’s why Monica will press for term limits to end the corrosive cycle of control that long-term incumbents have on our system. Monica has already pledged to serve only two terms, but she understands we need more than the power of example to change Washington. Monica knows it’s time for politicians to stop talking about term limits and start enacting them into law.

2. Supports Education: With four teenagers at home, Monica knows that no two kids are identical and believes that our education system must focus its resources on local and regional education, and allow parents and teachers to be more involved in developing a curriculum that is best geared for the challenges of tomorrow. The current models of top down federal mandates are failing Oregon’s children. Correcting this requires innovation and reform, and Monica knows that every option needs to be on the table. States should be seen as laboratories of innovation. Creating vouchers for private schools, expanding options for charter schools, flexible funding for low-income districts, enhanced vocational training and other commonsense proposals all need to be considered. Ultimately, placing more direct control of our schools back in the hands of our teachers and local administrators, rather than in the hands of Washington bureaucrats, will provide Oregon’s children with the tools they need to succeed.

3. Reaches Across the Aisle for Free Trade that Works: Monica shares a lot in common with Democrat Senator Ron Wyden when it comes to supporting the kind of free trade deals that work well for Oregon. The trade pacts he’s championed in the Senate are important to growing industry here at home and helping foster American job creation. International trade supports nearly 500,000 jobs here in Oregon, and we can continue to increase those numbers by providing our farmers, businesses, and manufacturers access to global markets. Monica will be vigilant in protecting America from nations like China that adopt unfair trade policies, like currency manipulation and intellectual property theft. Senator Merkley’s votes against free trade are wrong, but more importantly, serve as another reminder of his unwillingness to work across the aisle to help create jobs here in Oregon. Monica will work with both sides of the aisle, including Oregon’s Ron Wyden, to ensure free trade continues.

4. Supports the Right to Choose: Monica supports a woman’s right to choose. As a physician, and a woman, Monica has more direct experience with this intensely private issue than many who seek to politicize it. While she personally opposes abortion, she believes what a woman chooses to do with her body is her decision, and not the government’s. As a U.S. Senator, she will defend this personal decision and others she believes government has no role in. As the mother of four, she has personally made choices herself and honors the rights of others to do the same when it comes to important life decisions.

5. Supports the Environment: Monica believes we need to be responsible stewards of the environment and favors sensible provisions to protect and sustain the natural wonder that makes Oregon one of the greatest places in the world. She supports reducing carbon emissions, but like many things in government, believes a balanced approach is required, so as not to further stagnate the growth of our faltering economy. Monica also understands the importance of safeguarding Oregon’s timberlands, alongside the practice of sound forestry processes; this is why she supports Ron Wyden’s O&C forest management senate bill, which will open up federally owned lands to timber harvests – both helping our economy, and the health of our forests. She also values wildlife and endangered species, and believes that efforts to protect them are holistic and sustainable.

Dr. Monica Wehby is currently the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Monica has nearly 30 years of experience formulating medical policy and is a mother of four.

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  • Jack Lord God

    Pro gay marriage? Voting for her. Not Jeff Merkley? Voting for her. Kind of crazy miniature stalker? Hell yes I’m voting for her! And you should too!

  • Ron Swaren

    Pro gay marriage? Why should the people get another burdensome class taking up publicly paid benefits? They are currently free to cohabit, hold celebrations and ceremonies, even hold events signifying their union. But where are the benefits to society? Not enough to warrant a considerable change to a long held concept. We need to Look before we Leap.

    • Eric Blair

      Do you consider married straight couples to be a burdensome class?

      • guest

        ‘Decriminalized’ hetero or homosexual Sodomy, thought sinful or not, remains observed/classified as aberrant behavior.
        Today, Mother ‘Nurture’ has cut some slack for adult same sex commitments, aka, GLBT ‘contractual’ unions – yet remains aloof making ‘sodophilia’ a pc word because the behavior still crosses lines delineating pedophilia? NAMBLA on that for a while, jelly beans genes.

        • Eric Blair

          Well… you should really do your research on sex practices in the natural world. I think you’d find that same-sex couplings is quite common in the animal kingdom. Which means, that such behavior really isn’t aberrant at all. Unless you’re using religious justifications for aberrant, in which case the vast majority of humans stand condemned.

          Fun, and readable, I’d recommend Dr. Tatiana’s Advice to All Creation.

          As for pedophilia… homosexuals are no more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals, and… orientation in adults relationships is not a good predictor of preferences in children.

          Your ignorance is truly disturbing.

          • guest

            Know, it’s your CONdeceptive, sic, aptitude, E.B. charade runner!

          • Eric Blair
          • guest

            Bovine scatology defines you, er!

          • thevillageidiot

            Wikipedia even concludes that there is much controversy for the argument. stating that “A majority of the research available concerning homosexual behavior in animals lacks specification between animals that exclusively exhibit same-sex tendencies and those that participate in heterosexual and homosexual mating activities interchangeably. This lack of distinction has led to differing opinions and conflicting interpretations of collected data amongst scientists and researchers.” and sinc you want a reference, Perhaps you should broaden you research.


          • Eric Blair

            Re-read what you posted, it simply proves my point. I never argued that ALL animals engage in same sex behavior, but that many do. And, that is confirmed in your post. My point, if you had been paying attention, is that it happens in the natural world, and thus can’t be considered unnatural or aberrant. But thank you for the confirmation.

          • guest

            Token from your Eartha-Kitt; “Letz Foul in Love” – say what, toady, E.B.?

          • Ron Swaren

            You can form an opinion of “aberrant” without a religious basis, just as easily. I tend to agree with James Dobson’s opinion that gays are often consumnate controllers. Maybe they don’t mean to be, but whatever produces their main mental twist produces others, too. Looking at what makes the news on their dedicated Huffington Post pages, makes me cringe. And likewise, a lot of the rest of our immodest culture. Should we not elevate the soul, character or personality of people first? This would be in the long run, more fair, I think. In fact, the “Christian” view is to value the inner person, although I would agree that many self professing one’s don’t. Britney Spears, as an example.

      • Guest

        Replying live from Folsom Street.

      • Ron Swaren


  • Dave Lister

    With the exception of Walden, this thread shows why Republicans are failing to win statewide or national offices. Wehby says she is pro gay marriage, and a percentage of the base says they will stay home and hand the seat back to Merkley. They say that because she supports gay marriage and is pro choice they will not support her.

    We need to quit applying these social litmus tests to the candidates and realize how important it is to win. Can’t you imagine a world without Harry Reid running the Senate? Nobody knows what Wehby really thinks about this stuff. Her recent proclamations are probably RNC DC consultant inspired. But who cares? We need to win.

    • No Rinos

      At any cost with anyone? Who cares what she stands for, just vote for her because she has a R after her name? Pretty cynical don’t you think?

      • Dave Lister

        It is not cynical. It is pragmatic. And if you stand by your convictions so strongly, why do you post anonymously?

        • No rinos

          The cynical part was when you claimed that it doesn’t matter what Wehby really thinks… cynicism, nor pragmatism.

          Does it matter how Wehby thinks about any issue? Is her being a republican good enough and it doesn’t matter? if she was for obamacare and more spending on welfare would you still support her?

          what does strong convictions and posting anon have to do with each other? you’re just changing the subject.

          • guest

            Distractions away from the recumbent malarkey serve the soul Soros of divining what’s left away from turning right.“`Stop the inanity! Merkley’s voting record is absurd. Change for a better rep in the US the Senate Congressional reform’national
            assembly, indeed, for Dr. Monica Wehby,

          • Dave Lister

            What does strong convictions and posting anon have to do with each other?
            The answer is if you are too afraid to put your name on your opinions why should I care what you think. I’d like to understand why so many of you are afraid to use your own names. Are you secretly some scion of industry who must rename anonymous? Are you an elected official? Are you a wanted criminal? What are you afraid of?
            It isn’t 1770 anymore. King George is not going to hang you if you have an opinion.

          • No Rinos

            Yet Madison, Jay and Alexander posted anonymously. There is a rich and proud tradition of anonymous posting.

            Instead of worrying about who we may, or may not be, why don’t we concentrate on the quality of the argument.

            As for taking me seriously, if the only way you can do that is by knowing who I am, then I see that as your problem, and not mine. If you have to know my real identity before you even consider the words, that is a weakness on your part.

  • Republican and PROUD.

    I’d vote for a gay-married transgendered satan-worshipping drug-addicted abortion doctor if he/she campaigned on limited government, personal freedom, lower taxes, lower spending, strong defense, pro guns, and anti-obamacare.

    Don’t like gay marriages? Don’t marry a dude.

    Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one.

    But don’t like obamacare, gun control, high taxes, big government, weak national defense? Well, you’re screwed if Merkley wins re-election and Harry Reid continues to rule the Senate.

    I will crawl over broken glass to beat Merkley.

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