Capitol eyes gas tax — yet we’re 17th highest!

WatchdogCapitol eyes new gas tax. — yet we’re 17th highest
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Among the biggest rumors in the first week of the 2015 Legislative Session has been the call for a new gas tax.   The reason is that since prices have fallen people wouldn’t notice a giant gas tax increase.   Others say that the gas tax Oregonians are paying is just not paying enough to fund road projects.   According to the Tax Foundation Oregon ranks #17 for the nation’s highest state gas taxes.   So we are paying more than most states and apparently getting less.   A gas tax was just approved by lawmakers a few years ago, and now it looks like they are back for more.  Portland Congressman Earl Blumenauer is trying to jack up the federal gas tax at the same time.   This means Oregon could witness a double gas tax increase in hopes that no one will notice.