Oregon’s liberal delegation to Washington DC

by NW Spotlight

The Salem Stateman-Journal reported this week on a study that shows that Oregon has one of the most liberal delegations in Washington D.C. “Oregon continues to be represented by two of the Senate’s most liberal members and one of the most liberal delegations in the House, according to a new survey by the public policy magazine National Journal.”

  • Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley tied for being the most liberal member of the chamber.
  • Ron Wyden, Oregon’s other Democratic senator, was rated the 17th most liberal (out of 100).
  • Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer was 77th highest in his liberal rating among the House’s 435 members.
  • Democratic Former Rep. David Wu was 117th highest in his liberal rating among the House’s 435 members.
  • Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio was 150th highest in his liberal rating among the House’s 435 members.
  • Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader was 159th highest in his liberal rating among the House’s 435 members.
  • Republican Rep. Greg Walden was 270th highest in his liberal rating among the House’s 435 members.

Oregon’s House delegation’s overall liberal ranking was the 10th most liberal.


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  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least….  My father and Mother were both Democrats and would roll over in their graves if they knew that the Commies have taken over the Democratic Party….  Dad was a WWII Vet.. And believed in America and our Freedoms…   Both believed in the work ethic, taught us to do the same, take responsibility for yourself and your choices, always strive to better yourself, help others when you can but don’t do for them, supported Unions who fought for fair wages and hours realizing in the end jobs come from the employers not the Unions…  Let us see how well the Rectal Tissue is removed from Government in 2012…  When it is, we need to re-start McCarthyism style head hunting for those responsible for this 5th Column conspiracy to undermine America…

  • All of my friends that were Democrats are changing to Republican or independent exept for two. One couple have never voted anything but Democrat in 60 plus years have changed after 2010. I have always registered Republican but voted both sides of the fence. My last Democrat for President was Blow Job Clinton!

  • JoelinPDX

    Something tells me that with Susan Bonermici now representing the 1st District Oregon’s liberal score will go up. Probably way up.

    Meff Jerkley in first even outranks avowed socialist Bernie Sanders…so what’s that make Jerkley?

  • valley person

    How dare our elected representatives actually represent the people who elected them!

    • guest

      Perhaps, if VP stopped getting his meds here…www.salem-news.com/articles/november032009/cannabiscafe.php

    • Anonymous

       Just the point, Oregon Lemmings have elected representatives that will put forth the Communist agenda infused into the Democratic Party over the last few decades..  So We have a group who wants others to pay for their existence knowing full well the pot will eventually run dry as in California and ALL hard core Socialist countries…  These same lemmings no longer look to “What you can Do for your Country” as Kennedy so aptly put it but now look for “What the Country can do for them ONLY”… 
      Oregon Representation being so ultra Liberal is Not a good thing for the State or Country, but hell what does our History show…  The more government the less prosperous for everyone…   I would think they would want the pride of a job instead of handouts…

      • valley person

         Communist agenda? Sp Warren Buffet is a communist? Pretty funny.

        You wouldn’t know communism or socialism if you tripped over it.

        As for pride of a job and handouts, you should start with all the Tea Party supporters who cash their Social Security checks and pay for their meds with Medicare. Then get back to me. 

        • Anonymous

           Now let me get educated here..  WORKERS who are FORCED to contribute to Social Security ALL their working lives into a fund that was not to be touched somehow now get painted the same as generations of WELFARE recipients who have never contributed to their entitlement..  Is that what you are trying to sell me?

          Sorry that idea doesn’t fly VP, your comrades may buy it but Freemen don’t…  Once Democrats opened the Social Security vault for Pork Barrel projects the feeding frenzy has not stopped..  What should have been a solvent investment as promised is now bankrupt..  So Democrats now want to move up the age of retirement to stall off the inevitable..   And I’m afraid I probably know more about Communism and Socialism than you know…  I won’t go into that History….  Keep Drinking the Kool Aid…

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