Lars Larson: Racial Behavior Standards

There should only be one standard for racial misbehavior in this country.

Harry Reid really stuck his foot in it. Funny thing is it happened about a year and a half ago during the ’08 Presidential campaign. Harry Reid was telling people he thought Barack Obama was electable. And why? Because Barack Obama was “light skinned” and he didn’t have a “negro dialect” that was thick enough to bother voters.

Well, here’s the problem with that.

It was a stupid thing to say. It was Harry Reid judging a man by the skin color instead of by the content of his character, the way Dr. King would have advised.

The fact is Harry Reid, like an awful lot of limousine liberals out there, trying to suggest that everyone else is racist. Harry Reid deserves to be treated by the same standard the Democrats required of Senator Trent Lott.

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