Here is how they will steal your Kicker

toon-kicker-theftHere is how they will steal your Kicker
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Legislature has already had hearings on Senate Joint Resolution 14 (SJR 14) which would take part of your Kicker Tax Refund. SJR 14 takes a portion of your Kicker Refund into a government stockpile fund and leaves a remaining portion for the taxpayer. This is how they plan to gut the kicker, one piece at a time, just like they did when they removed small businesses from the kicker refund. Because it is in the Constitution, it would require the politicians sending it to the ballot to get a vote of the people. The politicians dread stealing it outright so they will weaken and gut it slowly. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon testified against this SJR 14 when it had a hearing back in February early on in session.

As announced this week, Oregon State Government has over-collected $473 million in tax revenue. This is well above forecast and it help put the people’s constitutional Kicker law into effect.

Here is how you can help.

1. Call your lawmaker 1-800-332-2313. Tell your Representative and Senator NOT to take your Kicker Refund.

2. Email this announcement to your friends, family and co-workers. We must get this news out in the open!

3. Donate! We have been defending your Kicker Tax Refund for 15 years! It takes resources to fight in the State Capitol. Donate online here.

Below, is photo of when Taxpayer Association testified against taking your Kicker Refund this year.kicker-matt

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  • Jack Lord God

    Stealing the kicker has been a priority battle in the war on the middle class. Oh yeah sure, politicians need a rainy day fund. Of course that comes at the expense of your rainy day fund, but that’s the point isn’t it?

    • PERSnapper Enema #1

      Amen and omen attending JLG’s post.

  • Steve

    We don’t need no stinkin’ kicker
    the poor just keep gettin’ sicker.
    We need to save it for a rainy day,
    don’t let politics get in the way.
    To send this money back to the rich,
    simply makes me sick, sick, sick.
    They don’t need it but we sure do,
    The kicker must go away or I will sue.
    I am being denied my civil rights,
    to free housing, food, and fun filled nights.
    Using my food stamp card to pay the bills,
    and rightly suing now that I have some ills.
    Sure, I choose not to do any work,
    I leave that stuff for some other jerk.
    But I will say this and say it out loud,
    Pay me what I am owed you rich, rich crowd.

    • guest

      Sew sighed, Stevie Wander-0R,
      Lost in a cloud overshadowing Stupor Situation Mountain where legend has stored more good twit than Ridgemont High has tutors.

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