Knute Buehler mulls run for Oregon governor

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by NW Spotlight

Dr. Knute Buehler, a Republican state representative from Bend, announced in a newsletter yesterday that he is considering a run for Oregon governor in 2016. He plans to decide by the end of September.

“In 2016, we will either bring fresh, long overdue change to Salem or we will settle for a failing status quo overseen by long-time insiders with misplaced priorities,” Dr. Buehler said, adding “I protected struggling small businesses – voting against higher taxes and new job-killing rules and regulations. I was the first to speak out in defense of the brave Kitzhaber-Hayes whistleblower and introduced a bill that required greater government transparency.”

In his newsletter, Dr. Buehler criticized Gov. Kate Brown (D) for failing to reform and improve Oregon’s public schools – which he noted have the worst high school graduation rate in the nation.

Dr. Buehler also stressed his independence, noting “I’ve kept my word to be an independent voice and to cross party lines to get things done. And I’m doing my best to put Bend and Oregon ahead of the narrow labels and rigid partisanship that too often define politics today.” That independence could be important – as was reported in Oregon Catalyst last month, the number of small-i independent voters in Oregon now exceeds the number of Republican voters.


If Dr. Buehler does make the call to run for governor, it will be a rematch against Democrat Kate Brown. He ran against her in 2012 for Oregon Secretary of State, and he earned the endorsement of 13 of Oregon’s major newspapers in that race. Kate Brown broke a campaign spending pledge and raised over $1 million dollars to defeat Dr. Buehler – by a margin of 51.3% to 43.2%.

Brown yet to be elected governor

Gov. Kate Brown, who has not won election as governor yet, is up for election in 2016 because she only became governor after fellow Democrat John Kitzhaber had to resign in February of this year amidst a series of scandals that made national news. Per the Oregon constitution Kate Brown, then the Oregon Secretary of State, replaced Kitzhaber until a special election in 2016. His normal 4-year term would have ended in 2018.

  • Bob Clark

    Knute is a good dude, and it’d be great if he ran to give us anti-Soviet-like-governance-types someone positive and constructive to vote for.

    • Eric Blair

      I wonder if there are any significant number of pro-Soviet-like-governance types? Like more than a handful.

      • Bob Clark

        The belief in ever expansive government runs very high in Oregon (the ultimate end of which is Soviet, Detroit, Greece, or other Welfare state/planned economy implosions); and very often one of these Soviet Style types says: ‘there are only really a handful of us.’ (wink, wink).

        • Eric Blair

          Your definition of “Soviet” is a little broad, and ahistorical, in my opinion. I think the use of Soviet, or anti-Soviet, obscures much more than it illuminates.

          It would be like me claiming that I am in favor of anti-Somali-like-governance.

          • guest

            Mr Blair, Go Barack senile and hokum tank down, Mr Minister of licentious briefers bundled a bunch of left wing mumble down dirty laundry – and, sty there until you can see reasonable premise and promise to return to common sensibility.

  • Shirlee

    Anyone would be better than what we have now….anyone….

    • Eric Blair

      Sam Brownback would be a lot worse.

  • Jack Lord God

    So Knute is putting his head on the chopping block? Good luck! When Kitzhaber won reelection in the midst of an epic scandal that should tell you something. Like an alcoholic this state hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. Gotta admire the sacrifice though.

    • conseratvely speaking

      Certainly regret Buehler not winning over Brown in the last OSOS balloting. Now we have ‘both’ an unelected governor and secretary of state.
      WOL, Oregon ought have had a Lt Governor…yet with pals like Barbara Roberts, Suzanne Bonamicci and Tina Kotek PAC’d with the ilk and money of Terry Bean, no surprise there’d be just another custodian of the drunk tank…until common sense taxpayers return to swab clean the slimy incumbent decking OR since 1988.

      • Dr CullBlair

        Buenos dialysis!

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