Planned Parenthood callers lying to CD-1 voters

by NW Spotlight

Some CD-1 voters are reporting they’re getting phone calls from (503) 419-8506, with a message telling them that “Rob Cornilles is supported by groups that support the rape of women.” One of the voters who got called was so mad about that outrageous lie that they called the number back until a person picked up, and the person at the (503) 419-8506 number finally admitted that they were with Planned Parenthood.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    And was the representative able to give a list of these pro rape groups? Maybe its just me, but I can’t recall a time when a group or candidate had a pro rape policy. Is there a League of American Rapers? A Union of Concerned Rapists? Rapist for Social Responsibility?

  • Mairez

    As much as I detest Planned Parenthood (aka: Unplanned Parenthood Solutions), it would be good to know that this isn’t a hoax.  We don’t want any possibility for doubt when debating the issue with Dems.

  • None

    Until I see some independent confirmation, I will give this as much credence as I give other Oregon Catalyst posts: Hardly any.

    OC has recent history of allowing a lie to go uncorrected and unacknowledged. This may very well just be a political dirty trick on the part of those behind Oregon Catalyst. 

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Actually you wont change your mind even if presented with the facts. Rather than admit Obama was wrong, when he mispronounced “corpsman” in a speech, you took the bizarre tack of insisting it was not a word. Yet you insist the whole blog is alie because of a typo in a post.

      Given your record wild arguments like this, one thing is for certain, you don’t have much of an argument for your side. Just a lot of trolling.

      • None

        No, Rupert, as I’ve pointed out several times, what I was making fun of was your incompetence in typing “coprsman” instead of “corpsman.” 

        You’re too lazy to spend 5-10 seconds to check for underlined words in your browser, so you force us to make the corrections in our heads. 

        It’s been pointed out numerous times that you typed “coprsman” instead of “corpsman,” yet you are still trying to make the claim that I didn’t know that “corpsman” is a word. 

        Are you really that big of an idiot, or are you just a jerk?

        • Rupert in Springfield

          Well, since it can never be said I dont admit when I am wrong, I will take it on faith that I misspelled the word.

          I will admit, as I have in the past, I am an atrocious speller. Normally I use Firefox to compensate for this, but unable to now.

          My bad. Unlike people like you, I can admit when I am wrong and someone else is right. I have done so to virtually every lefty who comments on this blog when the occasion has arisen.

          Have any of them done the same? Nope

          Will you? Not on your life. Just as you wont admit to your errors here.

          >You’re too lazy to spend 5-10 seconds to check for underlined words in your browser

          Wrong, you are just simply too lazy to know that not all browsers do not do this.

          No biggie there, but we all know you will not admit to this mistake. unfortunatly, due to the second computer crash in as many months, and waiting for Lenovo to fix the damn thing, I am stuck on a lap top with minimal browser capability.

          Obviously you are unaware not all browsers have the spell check feature.

          The interesting thing here though is you still make my point.

          You called me an idiot for a spelling error. You called Larry Huss a liar for a typo.

          The implication of that is you consider Obama an idiot, as obviously being too lazy to figure out how to pronounce a common word when giving a speech is a far bigger deal than a spelling mistake or typo on a blog.

          Will you admit Obama is either an idiot, as you have called me for a spelling error, or a liar, as you have called Larry Huss?

          Nope, not on your life.

          Why? Because you are just a troll. You dont have an argument and are just innterested in name calling.

          Like Dean, 3H and Appell, you guys are so tightly wound that to admit you are wrong, or made a mistake is unthinkable to you.

          I can admit when I am wrong or made a mistake. I do so in a forthright manner. You never will. And that, my friend, is the best demonstration of the absurdity of your statements that can be made.

          • Granola Girl

            Well said Rupert.  Sounds like None is a typical leftist nazi.  Too afraid to look at the other side and make informed decisions.  When they find they are wrong, they resort to name calling.  So mature.

          • None

            Granola Girl,

            I’m just pointing out two things:

            1. Rupert thinks everyone should just take care of themselves, but he’s not willing to make that effort himself.

            2. Oregon Catalyst has allowed an egregious factual error to stand in one of their posts. This shows that OC has no standards when it comes to the factual content on their site, so nothing posted here is to be believed.

            If you think that moral consistency and adhering to factual standards makes me a “nazi,” then you are a very scary person.

          • valley person

            “Leftist Nazi” is an oxymoron. The first people Hitler rounded up were the socialists and communists.

          • Dems all suck

            Too bad they don’t round up sorry excuses like you! Will you cry when Obama loses in November?

          • None

            “Obviously you are unaware not all browsers have the spell check feature.”

            Well, as an admitted “atrocious speller”, why don’t you choose a browser with spell check (I know both Firefox and Chrome have a spell check). Or type your comments into a word processor first, then copy and paste.

            You don’t have to take my word for it that you made the typing error that I was making fun of. You can go see for yourself at Just do a search on “coprsman”, and you’ll see that the first instance of that spelling is from one of your comments.

            And my point is, you want everyone else to compensate for your deficiency. Ordinarily, I would be happy to oblige, but for a right-winger who thinks that everyone should just take care of themselves, I say “make the little bit of effort to correct your deficiencies. There are tools out there that can clean up most of the errors for even an atrocious speller. Use them.”

            “You called Larry Huss a liar for a typo.”

            No, I call Larry Huss a liar because he made the same mistake twice, and when the error was pointed out he did not correct it.

            The first error might be a typo, but the second error uses data from the incorrect date, so that’s no longer a typo, that’s lying.

            “A prime example of Mr. Obama’s ineptitude is found in the employment figures reported during his three years as President. From January 2008 until the nadir of the recession, the total private sector employment dropped from 115,610,000 to 106,772,000 in February of 2010 – a loss of 8,838,000.”

            Barack Obama was not the President for any of 2008, so to use employment figures starting from January 2008 in order to demonstrate the “ineptitude” of the President is dishonest. Or, at the very least, “inept.” Once the error is pointed out and it’s not corrected, though, then it’s clearly crossed the line into dishonesty.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Well, as an admitted “atrocious speller”, why don’t you choose a browser with spell check
            Why dont you read the post?
            I explain why right in it, but I guess you expect everyone to reiterate everything for you when you miss it. Thats pretty funny isnt it? I mean since you were ranting about somehow me doing that (God knows how you think I am doing just what you did here)

            Ok, so once again, because you couldnt be bothered to read before starting up with the insults, here is the reiteration for the blog troll:
            I am using a pretty limited laptop because I am waiting for Lenovo to repair my month old computer.
            Got it now?

            Do you see how you are continuing to screw up?
            Do you see how you are making  yet another error and fulfilling exactly what I said you would do?
            No, you dont do you? Not once do you admit your mistake, even though I admitted mine.
            In fact you continued to make additional mistakes by asking questions that were answered in the post you were replying to.
            You did exactly as I predicted. You wont admit your own mistakes but expect everyone to admit theirs.

            You did exactly as I predicted and laid out in my post. I knew you would never admit your own mistakes.
            Do you know how I knew that and could predict your behavior so well? Because you are a troll. All you are here to do is hurl insults. You really have no point to make.

            Thanks for conforming to my prediction.

          • valley person

            Rupert, why do you get all persnickitty when you get busted?

            And why did you just ignore None’s point about Huss not just doing a typo, but using data from a year before Obama took office to attribute job losses to him instead of Bush?

            Do you want to admit you were wrong on that one now also?

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Rupert, why do you get all persnickitty when you get busted?

            If you think admitting your mistake, and then asking somone to admit their own error is persnikitty, then I am pretty sure you do not know what that word means.

            Thanks for the drivel Dean, you remain eternally meaningless.

            But hey, congrats on the new job!

          • None


            How come you won’t admit that Larry Huss used misleading data?

            What you do is admit to minor points, but you won’t admit that you and your allies make arguments whose premises are wrong.

            You were defending Lars Larson’s outrageous lie that the U.S. Senate had “investigated” John McCain’s birth long after Lars had taken the post down because it’s such an obvious lie that even he couldn’t abide having it up.

          • None

            Rupert, I did, in fact, miss that you are typing on an ancient laptop that apparently doesn’t support a browser with spell check. For that, I apologize.

            And you missed that I suggested a second option: Typing into a word processing programming, then copying and pasting into your browser.

            Also, as VP points out, you continued to accuse me of not knowing that “corpsman” is a word, even though I pointed out on numerous occasions that I was making fun of your misspelling, and am quite aware that “corpsman” is a word. It’s also not that difficult to go back and look at the original comment.

            But, as usual, you’re too lazy to do that. And that’s how you operate. You’re too lazy to type your post into a word processor so you can use the spell check. You’re too lazy to give your comments a cursory glance to check for obvious errors.

            You’d much rather that others compensate for your deficiencies.

          • Dems all suck

            Thanks so much that you’e a spelling nazi – azzhole!

          • None

            I have never sent people to the gas chamber for misspelling a word, so I’m not a “spelling nazi.”

            I was having a little fun at Rupert’s expense, it’s true, and also DOING HIM A FAVOR, since he’ll be taken more seriously if he uses some of the tools available to improve his writing.

          • valley person

            “I will take it on faith that I misspelled the word.”

            Rupert, you are really a piece of work. All you have to do is go back and read your own darn post. You misspelled it, you were called on this multiple times, and you kept on insisting that you were right all along. Faith? No need. Just read your own post.

            This isn’t about your spelling. Its about your failure to admit you were wrong, and compounding your error by continuing to harp on the meaning of a word as if you had spelled it correctly in the first place. You could have put the whole thing to bed in 30 seconds if you weren’t so scared of being caught wrong.

            You rarely admit your errors, even though they are legion. And even then you only admit to the most minor of things. When busted by facts you slink off, never to be heard from until you start in again on some other topic that you usually manage to butcher with your odd ideology.

            “Like Dean, 3H and Appell, you guys are so tightly wound that to admit you are wrong, or made a mistake is unthinkable to you.”

            Please. Get a grip dude. That is the weakest diversion you have used yet, and that is saying something. 

            “I can admit when I am wrong or made a mistake.”

            Yes, so you always tell us. Over and over again. Your problem is that you can’t RECOGNIZE ever making a mistake, so you never have anything to admit to.

          • Wannabanana

            David, no one gives a damn what you think.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Yes, so you always tell us. Over and over again. Your problem is that you can’t RECOGNIZE ever making a mistake, so you never have anything to admit to.


            I have admitted to you twice when I made a mistake. Once when I referred to the Sanate majority leader as Henry Reid, and another time when I said interest was 20% of the budget, mistakenly using the 1980’s figure.

            I have admitted making a spelling mistake here as well, with the word corpsman. So thats three examples I can point to that prove you totally wrong in your assertion I never admit when I am wrong.

            Will you admit you made a mistake here in a forthright manner?

            Will you say you were totally and utterly wrong in your assertion I never admit to a mistake.

            Nope, you wont. And do you know how I know you wont? Because I know progressives like I know the back of my hand. You will simply go on to prove my point, just as None is. That you guys are so tightly wound, and have so little of an argument, that to admit a mistake is impossible for you.

          • valley person

            VP wrote to Rupert: “You RARELY admit your errors, even though they are legion”

            Rupert responds: “Will you say you were totally and utterly wrong in your assertion I NEVER admit to a mistake.”

            I capitalized the relevant words to highlight your problem here. You demand I admit to something I didn’t write, ignoring what I actually wrote. (And you got all cute and persnickity about it again).

            Your admitting to 2 errors over multiple years of well documented errors qualifies as RARELY.

            Stop digging Rupert. Your shovel must be worn to a nubbin by now.

          • None

            So, Rupert, when are you going to apologize for your false claims that I didn’t know that “corpsman” is a word?

  • Dean = Douche

    Dean Apostal is a lying douchebag.

  • Mairez

    If you guys can’t stick to the topic
    (Planned Parenthood callers lying to CD-1 voters ), why don’t you take your argument to e-mail of Facebook messages, instead of boring the rest of us.

    • None


      An unsubstantiated allegation, posted on a site known for allowing false information to be posted without correction. That is relevant to this discussion.

      If they allowed false information to be posted, and didn’t correct the information when the error was pointed out, why should anyone believe anything posted on this site?

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