7 political victories of 2015

Taxpayer Association of Oregon’s Key Political Moments from 2015
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

1. Won the battle to protect your Kicker!
Taxpayer Association was the only ones in the State Capitol to testify against the bill to raid your Kicker Tax Refund.  As a result you can expect a $100-$500 Kicker Tax Refund.


2. Celebrated 25th birthday of Measure 5
– Without Measure 5 your property taxes would be 40% higher!



3. Oregon Youth Writing Contest
– The winner was an Iraqi veteran who reminded us the importance of voting


4. Great year for us in the media.

“The city of Portland is basically rewarding those employees who have cost us millions in mistakes, boondoggles and government waste,” Jason Williams Taxpayer Association Oregon on KATU-TV May 20,2015


The Taxpayer Association did a cartoon on that Portland waste of taxpayer dollars



5. OregonWatchdog.com celebrates 15 years!
— draws 10,000 readers



6. “No Fake Emergencies” Petition drive launched
We helped launch a petition drive to stop politicians from using fake emergencies to block your right to repeal their bad laws.  The media and public support has been fantastic.  Sign petition here.



7. Kitzhaber scandal showed that taxpayers can win against corruption!

Taxpayer Association’s famous cartoon….


Other media outlets did their own that made us laugh….



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