Lars Larson: The President’s expensive plan for improving public education.

The President announces his plan for improving public education. It’s very expensive. I’ll tell you my plan. It’s very cheap.

The President’s plan for improving public education is hundreds of millions of dollars. In other words, throw more money at it and maybe it will improve.

I’ve never seen a situation where a failing institution with more dollars tossed at it is going to improve. So, here’s my four part plan in a nutshell.

1. If you drop out of school, no driver’s license.
2. If you drop out of school or don’t finish your GED, your employer if you chose to go to work can pay you $2 under the current minimum wage.
3. If you apply for any kind of social service benefits””food stamps, subsidized housing, or whatever””you’ll only get half the benefit because you damaged your own education, and
4. If you drop out and don’t finish your GED your parents lose you as a tax deductible child.

How’s that for a plan to keep them in school?

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