Poll: Strong opinions at root of standoff conflict

poll-federallandNew poll shows strong opinions at the root of standoff conflict
By Taxpayer Association Foundation,

Oregon is making national news over a citizen standoff involving federal lands and property rights. The Taxpayer Foundation asked over 300 Oregonians in a statistical sample on who best should control Oregon’s natural resource land. The answers are striking.
Only 7% of Oregonians prefer the existing system of Federal control over our Natural Resource land. Roughly 36% believe the State should. The highest trust was for County and Local Governments at 39%. Put State and local together you get nearly 75% of Oregonians. Trusting Federal management over our lands was rated so poorly that those who stated “Unsure or Don’t know” scored double the Federal response.

This begs the question, “Why does Oregon surrender the responsibility and ownership of their own land to a system lacking public confidence when compared to local control which scores near universal support?”  Giving Oregonians more local control could be a popular and surprising reform to our controversial land use system.

Supporters of local control state that the government closest to the people and closest to the land can best handle the unique local needs.  On the other hand, supporters of Federal control say that national interest and national resources trumps local interests.

  • Connie Kosuda

    300 “Oregonians” ???? out of what State wide population? I was not asked / where do the sample members reside??? are they all ranchers/ owners/ renters/ what racial, ethnic, educational level demographics were employed????? 300 is miniscule, and misleading.

    • Eric Blair

      And, we don’t even know if they were a random sample, or polled from the Taxpayer Association of Oregon members.

      • Connie Kosuda

        do you actually have the answers to my questions? or just like to ramble?

  • Paul Plumber

    I live in Coos County. State and Federal land use rules are all that has kept an endless proposal of useless land use pipe dreams from being a pox on the land.

    Local control rolls over for every carpetbagger than comes along with a pretty scheme.

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  • Bill

    Paul, Connie and Eric you sound like three liberals with not a clue as to management needs of our forest, rangelands or ecosystem management. Our present management on federal lands is a disaster for all from a biological sense and well as economically to the state, county and federal government.

    • Julia1972

      Hi Bill, you sound like an uneducated, clueless dolt who believes you have a special right to something that belongs to all of us. I don’t want any damned cows on public lands. I have as many rights as you do:)

      • Julia1972

        Bottom line…someone has to make decisions and choices. Most americans would rather the people making the hard decisions to represent ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S interest in these lands…. be ecologists who actually study this crap and don’t pull guesses out of their arses that benefit “their kin” financially. That land might be local to you…but it belongs to all of us. If you want land to raise cows on, here’s a clue: BUY IT! Pay property taxes like the rest of us have to do for the assets in our small businesses.

      • Bill

        It sounds to me you have a personal problem which is your prerogative, but you still do not Seem to understand the many values livestock grazing can have in facilitating wildlife, wildlife diversity. I have spent 35 plus years working in forestry, range management and Wildlife management. I have over five year doing ecological site correlation, wildlife diversity Based on ecological seral condition in both forestry and grass/ oak grasslands habitat. I Have worked on US fish and wildlife refuges, banded hundreds of Sandhill cranes in Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. I have personally witnessed the benefits that both ranching and forestry have on the benefits for wildlife diversity, land management etc. I have recently visited many areas where I have worked and have been very disappointed with what I have seen. I.e. US fish &wildlife refuge under new management, none to few Livestock grazing, no haying, no fall grain planting, no rotational burning in other words natural management. Results, close to 90 percent drop in Sandhill crane nesting, duck and geese nesting. Cat tails so thick the birds have left the refuge for private lands. This is similar due to the new progressive management on BLM lands.
        So while I can appreciate your views I have personally witnessed the impact your view represents. I just do not agree with your philosophy.

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        • Connie Kosuda

          your view is not on point / the domestic terrorists, still not arrested, although breaking many laws that others get arrested for breaking, have no special rights to this land as it does not belong to them.. arguing otherwise belongs in the courts.

      • Bill

        Julia, the one thing I learned over the years about you liberals is you base your knowledge on emotion, when your challenged on your view you retort to insults, but never have any facts to back up your lack of knowledge. Land management can be confusing to the novice, but if you learn the basics it can be very fruitful and rewarding to all. Keep an open mind, follow how management was and how species responded and now look at the past 25 to 30 years of this new hands off management. The results are in and this new philosophy management is a disaster.

        • Connie Kosuda

          how truly superior of you. redneck much?

  • Julia1972

    if you BUY land and PAY PROPERTY TAX…you get to make all the rules. Solution is pretty simple.

  • Bill

    Julia nice try,but your insults lack facts. Your still a liberal dolt. Vote for Hilary and continue your destruction of America. Some day you May wake an realize you been used. Take care, but do us all a favor and stop basing your ideaolgy on emotion. The BLM if you looked at the data have burned many many acres of private property accidently?Maybe in the future they should be tried as terrorist and realize the dolts
    Many of them are! Take care but be honest with yourself.

  • Bill

    Connie it’s not difficult to be superior to someone who knows nothing about an issue, but acts as if they are enlighten on the subject! Your being a liberal is not and excuse for your ignorance on this subject.

  • Bill

    Connie , by the way your redneck comment is un called for, but if I had to chose between being a redneck or liberal I prefer being a redneck. Your racial slurs are over the top, but what’s new when a emotional liberal makes them based on, again, lack of facts.