Matt Walsh tells Trump fans ‘like it is’

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by NW Spotlight

Matt Walsh wrote a column in The Blaze yesterday titled Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To ‘Tell It Like It Is’? OK, Here You Go.

In his column Walsh says to Trump supporters “You say you want the truth. You say you want someone who speaks boldly and brashly and bluntly and ‘tells it like it is’ and so on.” And so he “tells them like it is” about Donald Trump. Walsh notes that to date Trump supporters have not appreciated it when Walsh “tells it like it is” about Trump.

Here’s an excerpt:

By your logic, then, you should be filled with an immense and irresistible affection for me when I call Donald Trump a crooked, underhanded con artist and you a reckless, ignorant dupe. You should fall madly in love with me when I accuse Donald Trump of being a spoiled, overgrown brat and you of being a cultish groupie enamored with fame. You should well up with pride and salute me as I mention that Donald Trump is a stuffed, soiled diaper sagging in the pants of American politics and you’re the poor, pitiful sap trying to elect it president.

You don’t have to agree, but man, isn’t it refreshing that I’m willing to tell you what’s on my mind? Shouldn’t you leave a thousand comments under this article praising me for being politically incorrect, willing to attack not only Donald Trump but his blue collar supporters? In fact, if you’re sincere in your alleged regard for the bold and audacious approach, I expect you’ll have launched a nationwide write-in campaign for me by tomorrow morning.

But that’s not how this works, is it? You’ve already melted into a boiling puddle of rage and self-pity, haven’t you? You’re incensed and offended that I could be so “judgmental” and “dismissive” and “critical,” and 100 other qualities you find so orgasmically satisfying when they’re displayed by The Great Trump.

Walsh concludes his column:

Unless, like I said, you’re stupid. But you aren’t stupid, and a non-stupid person, a serious person, who truly, deeply, intensely loathes the current state of affairs, who genuinely desires that his country be revived for the sake of his children, would not be turning to a blustery, boorish reality TV character with a catchphrase and a fake tan for answers.

I’m just telling it like it is here, friend. I’m telling you what’s on my mind. I’m being completely and painfully honest with you. I don’t believe your anger.  I think you want a spectacle, not a solution. A celebrity, not a statesman. A circus performer, not a leader. I think you want to be entertained. I think you’re not taking this seriously enough. I think you’re intellectually lazy so you’ve accepted authoritarianism as a stand-in for strength. I think you’re following the trend of the day. I think you’re wrapped up in media hype.

In other words, I think your anger, if it exists, is misplaced. You should be angry at yourself, because if this country falls finally and irrevocably into despotism, it’ll be your fault. You’ll have chosen it. You’ll have elected it and applauded it. That, my friend, is what makes me angry.

And that’s just how it is.

Please click here to read the full column

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  • GObill sizemore

    Ouch! Tough talk that will fall upon deaf ears. Trump supporters I have known have not been moved by logic so maybe this approach will work. But then again…

    • .

      Four years with Romney/Ryan would have been better for U.S. than the mell of hess we’re experiencing now. Period!

      • GObill sizemore

        For sure. Romney/Ryan would have been heaven compared to what we are going through. However, if the Obama nightmare has set this country up for the likes of a Donald Trump, we are heading for scary times.

        • Set ashore Dems longboat

          Oh, howl you kid!
          Au contraire, the Donald Trump card stumps Hillary canard holes , aka, sic [Sheba hibiscus flower routes] airing more malfeasant canardolgy den a cadre shack attending BHO’s golf chart
          Alas, Obama, Biden and Himmlary’s dance card resounds more like a lisping murder of crows barring screeching owls forum any kind of US common sensors .

  • Ron Swaren

    Watch Hillary sneak off with the Dem nomination using the vast money interests and connections of the Clinton family. Watch Bernie Sander supporters react in horror as their dream candidate falls on his face, wiggling his arms helplessly against the Clinton machine. But watch Donald Trump extend a populist welcome to them—-maybe not exactly what they wanted but standing up for middle Americans and not indebted to any machine. Make America Great! Who else will defy the Party Machines on either side?

    • Eric Blair

      I, of course, can’t speak for anyone else, but as a fervent Sanders support, I can promise you that I would never, ever, vote for Donald Trump. Of course that applies to all of the rest of the Republican hopefuls. I think what you are more likely to find is that Sanders supporters will either hold their nose and vote for Hillary, or go 3rd party and vote for someone like Jill Stein.

      In fact, the Senate refusing to hold hearings on a new Supreme Court Justice is going to make many of us vote for Hillary. If only to keep a Republican from nominating the next Justice. Republicans would have a better chance in regaining the Presidency in 2007 if they take that issue of the table as soon as possible.

      • Ron Swaren

        Lots of wishful think there, Mr. Blair.

        • Eric Blair

          That’s why I like OC, I fit right in!

          • Candor Shack

            conniption fit that is

      • Roger Enout

        To wit: A discriminating B.S. obsession-ado, sic, [Eric Blair], seizes fact there’s more B.S. born on the hooves of Hillary than the VT Senator’s sneaker raves.
        Butt on the other hand, refuses to inhale anything that ain’t kosher according to DNC standards by smoking haute Staff Sgt Demi Wasserman Schultz who knows little or nothing. ,

      • Dick Winningstad

        One can only hope.

  • Bob Clark

    And you want us to choose Hillary-for-prison, or one-trick-pony (it’s someone else’s fault) Soviet Sanders, instead? We got no choice, dude. Cruz doesn’t believe in the Federal Reserve or central banking, which it is most everyone’s observation the Federal Reserve help stanch the financial crisis of 2008/09. I’d still be o.k. with Cruz or Rubio. But Trump may be the best candidate for president available. He does play both sides of the political spectrum and does play fast with his words, but this actually may make him a good president in the same vane as Bill Clinton’s presidency. Slick Willy made political sausage, governing from the middle. This would be such a huge improvement over the last seven years of dictator-in-chief Obama who routinely bypasses Congress with executive orders. (Now all of a sudden when Obama needs Congress for his Supreme Court appointment, he now blames Congress for not collaborating on a supreme court appointment. Tough cookies, O. You should have thought about your disrespecting Congress, before now.)

    • Eric Blair

      Well, that’s an interesting take, but I completely disagree. Obama, like the Clintons, believes in triangulation. It was the Republicans who have been obstructionist from day one.

      • thevillageidiot

        triangulation? Fed reserve, wall street, and to big to fail banks. That triangulation?

      • Dick Winningstad

        You have a point with Pres. Clinton. But with Pres. Obama it has been a case of the GOP scared stiff of breing called racist and allowing Pres. Obama and trhe Democtrats having their way.

    • thevillageidiot

      i really prefer gridlock. doubly when neither party caves. nothing gets done good or bad. it is the best outcome possible. very little good ever comes out of congress they only represent about 51% of the voters.

    • Nuts to the regime

      What the flack is wrong with daylight bombing the hell out of DNC Nazionale Socialism, especially when Obamadolph and Evil Braun-Clinton recluse to the fact their Free-bombs are duds and jakass such CONme organization be relegated to Stalin around Lenin’s Tomb?

  • Granola girl

    I figure what great harm could he do that hasn’t been done. If he could help this country get back on track I am all for him. I think the Dems should be concerned that Hillary is not popular with most the millennials that I know. They just won’t vote if she is the candidate. At least Trump tells it like it is… whether you like it or not, it’s pretty entertaining.

  • thevillageidiot

    too bad Mr Walsh does not tell it like it is about the other two. We will have the usual choice CFR candidate A or CFR candidate B. all participants left have been fully vetted by the men behind the curtain. Kasich will be the next man out. Trump was surprise even to the GOP. He will be contained much like Reagan and will do as told. just like BO, W, BC, GHW, Etc. If you haven’t noticed the outcome has already been determined. any late comers or long shots have no chance at this point. It would truly be a dark horse to get into the top three. It could be a three way tie. it aint over till its over. our next president sill be left holding the bag when the fit hits the shan.

  • DonaldJohnTrump

    It’s a shame Matt Walsh is a sniveling child.
    Keep in mind, he complained about fifty shades of grey not for its writing but because it’s porn.
    He bashed Robin Williams for committing Suicide.
    He got so much hate for crossing the line that he wrote another column and bashed Robin Williams again.
    Matt Walsh is a douchecanoe

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