Lars Larson: Wasted school supplies

Have you heard about all the school supplies they were wasting in Gresham?

I think waste is wrong any time. But, waste by government institutions is doubly offensive because they demand that taxpayers pay taxes at the point of a gun. They take our money and when it’s wasted, it’s really wasted.

I’ll give you an example from this week. At a Gresham elementary school parents found a dumpster full of wasted supplies. In many cases simply unused supplies brought in by the kids and paid for by their parents. Some of it may have been paid for with taxpayers dollars. It certainly all came from families in the northwest.

Gresham’s response? “This happens all the time. We’ll investigate.” I hear about it nearly every year.

If schools are going to demand that we pay high taxes to fund $13,000/year in schooling the least they could do is make sure all those supplies get used. Or, not thrown in the dumpster when still brand new.

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