Gov. Kate Brown approves $190 a year electricity hike


Oregon Senate Republicans

So-called ‘Coal to Clean’ plan won’t even reduce carbon emissions in Oregon

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republicans issued the following statement on Wednesday following the signing of SB 1547, an expensive new renewable energy mandate, by Governor Kate Brown in Portland: “Today, Governor Brown gave her stamp of approval to a new renewable energy mandate that will cost residential electricity customers in Oregon $190 more each year until 2040,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day).

“The catch: this so-called ‘Coal to Clean’ plan will not reduce carbon emissions in Oregon. Oregon families cannot afford more expensive utility bills. This mandate lines the pockets of the green energy industry at the expense of working Oregonians who get nothing in return. We asked Governor Brown to wait until next year when we could craft a plan that reduces emissions and protects ratepayers, but today she showed us where her loyalties lie.”