Coalition slate sends unity message to GOP convention

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gopconventionBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

An unprecedented coalition of  activists have come together to promote an Oregon Grassroots Coalition Slate to send to the National GOP Convention.   The Grassroots Coalition brings together people of diverse voices & values (Oregon Family Council, Right to Life, Taxpayer Defense Fund, Common Sense for Oregon, Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, as well as support from Oregon’s Trump & Cruz campaigners) in a shared act of unity to elect a slate of convention delegates that have pledged to protect the fundamentals of the GOP Party Platform.   Please elect these delegates at the Oregon GOP convention June 4th to send them to the National Convention.

AT Large Delegates
1. Tim Nashif
2. Russ Walker
3. Chris Barreto
4. Representative Bill Post
5. Senator Kim Thatcher
6. Kevin Hoar
7. Jeff Kubler
8. Cythia Kendoll
9. Larry Talbert
10. Betsy Close

Alternate At-Large Delegates

1. Ourania Yue
2. Lisa J. Walker
3. Karl Thatcher
4. Ray Sessler
5. Matt Cyrus
6. Marc Estes
7. Andrea Hofmann
8. TJ Rielly
9. Joanne Talbert
10. Kathy LeCompte

Congressional District 1

1. Jeff Grossman – Delegate –
2. Nathan Dahlin – Delegate
3. Bruce Starr – Delegate
4. Tracy Honl – Alt-Delegate
5. Darrell Gulstrom – Alt-Delegate
6. Lauri Hein – Alt-Delegate –

Congressional District 2

1. Patti Adair – Delegate
2. Representative Greg Barreto – Delegate
3. Suzan Ellis-Jones – Delegate
4. Keith Jones Alt-Delegate
5. Ruth Gibbs Alt-Delegate
6. House Republican Leader Mike McLane – Alt-Delegate

Congressional District 3

1. Mark Fitz Delegate
2. Narlina Duke – Delegate
3. Jeff Reynolds – Delegate
4. Wayne Trosino Alt-Delegate
5. Mark Nashif – Alt-Delegate
6. Julia Rabadi– Alt-Delegate

Congressional District 4

1. Tom Steward – Delegate
2. Jake Cheechov – Delegate
3. Larry Campbell – Delegate
4. Duncan Murray – Alt-Delegate
5. Denny Morgan – Alt-Delegate
6. Kathy Shindler – Alt- Delegate

Congressional District 5

1. Becky Mitts – Delegate
2. David Darnell – Delegate
3. Kevin Mannix – Delegate
4. Betsy Marie Burns – Alt-Delegate
5. Jessica Davidson – Alt-Delegate
6. Kelly Worden – Alt-Delegate

— Message from Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

  • Maximums Prime

    You can plan for unity but I don’t expect this is what we will see in Cleveland

  • emeraldmtnrider

    Not this slate. full of NeoCons that will further the corruption as they did in 2012.

  • 常来看看,受益匪浅。

  • vivkirk

    There a numerous PCP’s spread across this state that are not happy about the manner and method in which this was drawn together in the name of “party unity” Being bombarded with Facebook, emails, snailmail and phone calls all telling us to vote exactly these slates and intimating that we are not for party unity if we don’t. Come on people, this was put together by PAC’s and party elites (so I have been told, but it certainly looks like it) and like sheep all the PCP’s are supposed to follow this lead. You know that is why we have a party CONVENTION. So ALL PCP’s have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process. Not for pre-selected slates are pushed on us. This reeks of establishment party politics. If the party leaders do not allow other slates to be voted on and presented, you will have MORE Republican Party defectors to “Independent” or “decline to state” or “non-affiliated voters”. You are NOT making this party stronger. You are making it look like party establishment rule. I don’t understand why you cannot see that.