Oregon Grassroots Slate brings Trump & Cruz together

gopconventionBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Jacob Daniels, Oregon State Director of Donald Trump for President, and Narlina Duke, Oregon State Director for Ted Cruz Campaign, have worked together to approve and support the Oregon Grassroots Coalition Slate. The election of these Oregon delegates to the National Republican convention will be held tomorrow Saturday June 4th in Salem by registered Oregon GOP Precinct People. Oregon’s working together crosses campaign lines and has the support of nearly a dozen grassroots political groups in Oregon is a role model for the rest of the nation.

The slate is below.

AT Large Delegates
1. Tim Nashif
2. Russ Walker
3. Chris Barreto
4. Representative Bill Post
5. Senator Kim Thatcher
6. Kevin Hoar
7. Jeff Kubler
8. Cythia Kendoll
9. Larry Talbert
10. Betsy Close

Alternate At-Large Delegates

1. Ourania Yue
2. Lisa J. Walker
3. Karl Thatcher
4. Ray Sessler
5. Matt Cyrus
6. Marc Estes
7. Andrea Hofmann
8. TJ Rielly
9. Joanne Talbert
10. Kathy LeCompte

Congressional District 1

1. Jeff Grossman – Delegate –
2. Nathan Dahlin – Delegate
3. Bruce Starr – Delegate
4. Tracy Honl – Alt-Delegate
5. Darrell Gulstrom – Alt-Delegate
6. Lauri Hein – Alt-Delegate –

Congressional District 2

1. Patti Adair – Delegate
2. Representative Greg Barreto – Delegate
3. Suzan Ellis-Jones – Delegate
4. Keith Jones Alt-Delegate
5. Ruth Gibbs Alt-Delegate
6. House Republican Leader Mike McLane – Alt-Delegate

Congressional District 3

1. Mark Fitz Delegate
2. Narlina Duke – Delegate
3. Jeff Reynolds – Delegate
4. Wayne Trosino Alt-Delegate
5. Mark Nashif – Alt-Delegate
6. Julia Rabadi– Alt-Delegate

Congressional District 4

1. Tom Steward – Delegate
2. Jake Cheechov – Delegate
3. Larry Campbell – Delegate
4. Duncan Murray – Alt-Delegate
5. Denny Morgan – Alt-Delegate
6. Kathy Shindler – Alt- Delegate

Congressional District 5

1. Becky Mitts – Delegate
2. David Darnell – Delegate
3. Kevin Mannix – Delegate
4. Betsy Marie Burns – Alt-Delegate
5. Jessica Davidson – Alt-Delegate
6. Kelly Worden – Alt-Delegate

— Message from Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

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