Use SB 856 (2015) to protect Oregon children from harmful OHA and ODE agendas

Christine Bridgens_thb

by Chris Bridgens

Oregon Senate Bill 856 (2015) should be used to expose and stop the abusive, unsafe and unhealthy cultural agenda promoted and supported by the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education (ODE)

After years of ‘blurring the lines’ between Oregon education and Oregon health care, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), partnering with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), has been incrementally activating an adult cultural agenda of sexually grooming and normalizing no-boundaries sexual behavior for youth.

This is being perpetrated through School Based Health Centers, Comprehensive Sexuality Education and through the recently canceled annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside, Oregon.

With several years of Oregon legislation paving the way, there is now great concern that this has led to an attempt to silence parents and to what can arguably be characterized as child endangerment or child abuse.

Senate Bill 856 (2015) was passed as an attempt to train school employees and even students K-12, to recognize signs of sexual abuse or abusive behavior in order to prevent such abuse. This is a noble attempt, but there is concern that it will fall under the purview of the same OHA and ODE ‘specialists’ who supported or sponsored much of what has been exposed as very objectionable, age inappropriate, developmentally inappropriate, unhealthy and unsafe for our children.

ODE’s current “Sexual Health & School Health Specialist”, Ely Sanders (replacing Brad Victor) speaks in support of, and has participated in the inclusion of the adult cultural, sexuality agenda in our Oregon schools—an agenda which can put our children at serious risk to their health, mental health and their safety.

The following are programs, curriculum, agencies or legislation which originated and were ‘sold’ under the premise that they would promote ‘healthy choices’ for youth, or would serve to prevent child (sexual) abuse:

  • YEPSA (Youth for the Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault) YEPSA is an organization run by youth, mostly from a Network Charter School in Eugene, OR. They have been a participant in the Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside, and have even led an “I Say Porn, You Say Porn” workshop at the conference. They also created and displayed a ‘vagina collage’ which featured female body parts, young female children and was clearly an objectification of women. Sex abuse prevention was certainly not evident in what we witnessed of YEPSA at the conference.
  • Three curriculum examples whose content can put children at risk to their safety and/or health: ‘Making A Difference’; ‘Making Proud Choices’; ‘Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation’ (Planned Parenthood Northern California) Lesson plans for each of these, (and ALL Sexuality Ed.) are available and should be thoroughly reviewed by parents and educators before considering exposing minors to their content.
  • Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette (PPCW)—This particular PP office in Clackamas, OR was exposed on video for training a 15 yr. old in sadomasochism. PPCW, along with Planned Parenthood Southwest Oregon and Planned Parenthood Greater Northwest, train teens in ‘peer education’ (Peer Education Institute) who actually go into school classrooms to ‘educate’ other teens on sexuality. PP was used as reference for Oregon’s Minors’ Rights document. To more clearly understand the level and breadth of sexuality education of their peer teaching, see PP’s website, Warning!! This has very explicit content.
  • Oregon School Based Health Centers (SBHCs): Through Oregon legislation, parents are being silenced and prohibited from their legal right to be the primary decision-maker in their children’s education and health care, especially if their children attend a school where there is a SBHC. Communities, parents and school boards are losing local control because there is little or no accountability with a SBHC. (ORS 109.675,.610,.640—Minors’ Rights); (SB 491 (2013); HB 2100 (2011)–Health Evidence Review Commission (2014); HB 2307 (2015); HB 2758 (2015);….and more.
  • House Bill 2100 referenced above, allowed then Governor Kitzhaber, in 2011, to appoint the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) which, in their August , 2014 meeting voted 8-2 to allow minors to be counseled toward gender reassignment—sex change—as young as 15 yrs. old, (14 yrs. to begin the ‘mental preparation’), without parental knowledge or consent. Oregon tax-payers will pay the bill. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief for John Hopkins Hospital has written a great deal about this transgender process, and his professional conclusion is that it is never appropriate for children. Dr. McHugh was instrumental in John Hopkins being the first medical center to do the transgender surgeries for adults. It was discontinued because this process failed to change the quality of life for the better for its patients. In Oregon, minors cannot legally get a tattoo, a piercing or even use a tanning bed without parental permission. Does it seem rational, safe or healthy to allow children to get puberty blockers, chest binders or even genital mutilation surgery without parental consent? Can this be more accurately categorized as abuse? Yet, children can access this ‘health care/mental health care’ at an Oregon School Based Health Center unbeknownst to parents.
  • Cascade Aids Project (CAP)—Touts their service of testing for STDs and HIV– Major participant at the ASC, and created ‘zines’ which encouraged no-boundaries sexual experiences for youth as young as 11—suggested use of meth to enhance sexual experience— “No Universal Right or Wrong”
  • Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force (OTPTF)—Sponsored the Adolescent Sexuality Conference. Their judgment in selecting/hiring keynote speakers is completely untrustworthy with respect to the mission they touted for the ASC: Helping Youth Make Healthy, Safe Choices In the past several years, they have chosen Paul Joannides, author of the hardcore porn book, Guide to Getting It On, This book was available as a raffle prize at the conference, as well as a featured book for perusal and sale for all attendees; Jenn Burleton, CEO of TransActive organization in Portland, Jenn Burleton, a transgender ‘herself’ believes even a 3 yr. old is capable of deciding that their gender is fluid and can change by the day, hour or minute; Promotes puberty blockers and chest binders for teens who are counseled to believe they should have a ‘gender reassignment’—sex change. Burleton was a major testifier at the 2014 HERC meeting in which they voted to allow minors to undergo sex change without parental permission. Cory Silverberg, co-founder of Come As You Are sex toy shop in Toronto ; Al Vernaccio, supported by Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, CSPH, Fortunately, with the ASC being canceled in 2015, Mr. Vernaccio was not able to subject our children to his ‘sex instruction’. These are only a few of the choices of the OTPTF. Their mission of Healthy Choices, Abuse Prevention and Safety appear to be totally obscured and replaced with that which can only be considered mental molestation and child endangerment, child abuse.

The above examples of what were approved and promoted by the OHA and ODE as programs, curriculum, agencies or laws/policies which would be in the best interest of the health and safety of our children, have instead put children at risk. Our children cannot ‘unsee’ or ‘unhear’ what the OHA and the ODE have allowed and promoted in our schools.

Senate Bill 856 should first serve to expose these state-supported entities for the reckless endangerment of children which they are. SB 856 should not be placed within the jurisdiction of the OHA and/or the ODE, or the bill’s noble intention will be lost, and it will become another stepping stone for the adult cultural agenda of the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Dept. of Education.

The sponsors of this bill, Representative Mike McLane and Senator Tim Knopp, may have had good intentions, but they should be contacted to let them know of these important concerns in hopes that this bill can be used to protect children, not endanger them further.