Take the poll! Can Trump win in Oregon?

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icitizen / Oregon Catalyst

Can Donald Trump win in Oregon? Can he defeat Hillary here?

Take the icitizen poll and let us know what you think!

icitizen in an online civic engagement company that’s partnering with Oregon Catalyst for this poll.

  • Native Intelligence

    So much negativity openly expressed attending both party candidates.

    Perhaps a silent majority of Oregonians would prefer to see the election be decided in the US House of Representatives wherein a less controversial Paul Ryan stands POTUS tall.

  • MrBill

    It’s a sad state of affairs when you need to make the choice based on who (Trump or Clinton) sucks the least.

  • Bob Clark

    Ugh. I am trying to ignore the presidential race.

  • Jack Lord God

    It is amazing how singularly unqualified both of these people are. A self admitted idiot who cannot be trusted with information of any consequence, or a belligerent jerk who simply cant get over the fact he is from Queens. God help us all.

  • Francis Pettygrove

    It’s a longshot, but Trump could win Oregon if he reaches out to
    disaffected Republicans and Bernie voters, and quits whining about the
    unfair press and refocuses on issues. Yesterday’s ISIS speech was a good start.