Victims of Measure 97 Speak Out!

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Measure 97’s huge $3 billion tax will raise food, clothing & utility prices by around $1,200 for the average Oregon family.   Oregon seniors share how this $1,200 cost increase impacts them.





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We must remember that these Measure 97 victims are real people with real financial pain being heaped upon them.

The utilities are already saying Measure 97 will likely lead to a 5% utility increase which will raise costs across the board.

Grocery stores will see their their total tax burden triple in size. This will have a terrible impact on prices and it is seniors who will pay the price.

We bring you these stories because it is easy to forget how vulnerable many Oregonians really are. We don’t always see them or hear their stories. High taxes come at serious sacrifice to people’s lives. These seniors are people who can’t afford a huge tax cost increase.

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