Schrader votes with party bosses to give slush funds to liberal activists

Colm Willis 2016_thb

Colm for Congress

Salem, OR — On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2016 (HR 5063). This legislation ensures that money acquired by the Department of Justice for settling cases will go to the victims harmed by bad actors or to the general treasury where it could be used help pay down the debt or boost our military.

Instead, the Obama administration has been directing this money to progressive activist groups to spend promoting whatever they want. This takes the benefit away from the victims and everyday Oregonians and transfers it to career liberal activists who are well connected in Washington D.C.

Kurt Schrader voted with his party to keep funding liberal activists with Government slush funds.

“I applaud Congressman Walden for pushing legislation that will eliminate slush funds and refocus these resources back to helping victims and everyday Americans.” said Willis “This is the kind of commonsense reform that Kurt Schrader should support. Instead he used it as another opportunity to put the needs of party bosses above the needs of Oregonians.”

A native Oregonian, Willis is the Republican candidate for Congress in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. The general election will be held on November 8, 2016.