Responding with the truth about Brad Avakian

Dennis Richardson SOS

Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State

It’s disappointing that my main opponent has run a campaign short on ideas and long on negative attacks. With each new endorsement I’ve received, his attacks have become more shrill, and misleading.

I have tried to run a very positive, solutions-based campaign because I believe voters are looking for a leader who has a plan to help Oregon families.

Newspapers across Oregon all agree. Every paper that has issued an endorsement has said I am the only candidate who will bring the necessary skills and integrity to the office of Secretary of State.

As a former legislator, I worked hard to serve my constituents to the best of my ability. I will simply not stand by and allow Brad Avakian to twist my words and label me as an “extremist” for having represented my community. It’s not only offensive to me, it’s an offense to those I represented. More importantly, it’s disingenuous to all Oregon voters.

It’s time voters knew the truth about Brad. Please watch my new ad, Responding with Truth.

As Labor Commissioner, Brad has taken unusual satisfaction in punishing small businesses for first-time violations, yet believes voters should overlook his own failure to follow the rules and elect him to one of the most important offices in Oregon.

Friends, Oregonians deserve better. As our next Secretary of State, I will work in a non-partisan manner to ensure there are checks and balances in state government. Together, we will restore Accountability, Transparency and Integrity!