Rep. Mike McLane: Oregon’s unsustainable rate of spending


Rep. Mike McLane

Statement from House Republican Leader Mike McLane regarding Governor Brown’s proposed budget

Salem, Ore. – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) issued the following statement regarding Governor Kate Brown’s proposed budget:

“My disappointment with regards to the state of our budget is matched only by the frustration of knowing that this situation was entirely preventable to begin with. We have known for years that Oregon was on an unsustainable fiscal path, yet our leaders continued to operate as if the bill would never come due. Well, it’s here, and despite record revenues and despite what has been described as a roaring state economy, we are being told we don’t have enough tax revenue to cover the tab.

“There will be much debate over the next few months over how to address our budget situation. My hope is that before we consider asking our community employers and working families to make up for the lack of financial discipline in Salem, Governor Brown and legislative Democrats will commit to having an honest conversation about our state’s unsustainable rate of spending. Until we are willing to have this conversation and address the root of our budget problems, we will continue to experience the same kind of budget challenges we are facing today.”