Take Our Official 2018 Republican Governor Primary Poll

Last month, we created a Twitter poll to test rumored candidates for the 2018 Republican Gubernatorial Primary. Based on your feedback, we’ve created a full online poll which everyone can participate in. Please take the poll and share it with your friends. If you’re interested in the details of this particular poll. Check out the FAQ on our methodology below.


How accurate will this poll be?

This poll will be more accurate than if you surveyed your friends on Facebook but probably less accurate than a traditional poll conducted via telephones. While we’ve taken steps to help ensure this poll will be as accurate as it can be, online polling has yet to be perfected to the same extent as telephone polling. Think of this more like a straw poll and less like a traditional poll.

Will you be publishing the results?

Yes. We will be breaking down and publishing the results of the poll within the next 30 days. We’ll publish a topline report as well as the crosstabs. While most public pollsters typically publish both a topline report and crosstabs, a lot of partisan pollsters and candidates will not publish crosstabs, We believe in the freedom of information and we are doing this for our benefit as well as for yours.

Is this poll being conducted to benefit a candidate or special interest group?

No. We are conducting this poll as a research project for public benefit and insight.

Who is conducting the poll?

Oregon Catalyst is conducting the poll. Reagan Knopp and Mark Nashif are responsible for the planning, development, and release of the poll.

Can non-Republican’s take the poll?

Yes. Just choose the political party and ideology with which you most closely identify.

How can I take the poll?

Click the “Take the Poll” button or the link below.

>> Take the 2018 Republican Governor Primary Poll <<

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  • sk8erbassman

    Good job with this poll Reagan!

    • Reagan Knopp

      Thank you!

  • Dave Lister

    Did you ask any of these people if they wanted to or would run? Unfortunately the link does not work for me, so I do not know who you have listed.

    • Reagan Knopp
    • Reagan Knopp

      Chosen candidates are based on press reports, or conversations with people knowledgeable about the candidates and their intentions.

      • Dave Lister

        Alley has already said, more than once, that he is not running for anything again. Enough pressure might be brought to bear to change his mind, but no amount is going to change his wife’s mind. Cross him off your list.

        • Reagan Knopp

          He tweeted the poll. I take that to mean he appreciates the thought at least. No pressure on any candidate. Just trying to see what the people think.

          • Dave Lister

            I understand. A lot of people say they wish I would have won a seat on the PDX council in 2006 and encourage me to run again. In hindsight, I am actually glad I did not win and am glad I have relocated to Tigard where reasonable people still dwell.

  • SocraticMeathead

    Did you consider adding Julie Parrish? Seems a stronger general election candidate than a couple you included

    • Reagan Knopp

      We tried to limit the list to rumored or recent candidates. To my knowledge, Parrish hasn’t expressed an interest or appeared in any rumors.

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