Lars Larson: Lame Duck Democrats making no sense

It sounds to me like the Democrats in congress weren’t listening to the voters on November the 2nd.

It was only just a month ago that American voters sent a message. I heard it loudly. They said, “We are tired of the government spending so much money, spending us into trillions of dollars of debt and crushing the economy. Please stop doing it.”

They sent that message. What did the Democrat’s do? They elected the same leadership for the lame duck session, and then what did they do? The lame duck Democrats decided to pass a tax extension, but only for the so-called middle class. It would include up to the 95th percentile, but not the top 5%.

They put forward the bill even though they know it is going to die in the U.S. Senate. How much sense does that make? Well, I guess if we’re going to get some common sense leadership it is going to have to wait till January.

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