Here’s How to Track Oregon Candidates for Office in 2018

>> Check out the 2018 Candidate Tracker <<

It’s more than 8 months until the 2018 Oregon Primary election (held on May 15th, 2018). Because politics is an all consuming beast with zero manners, the campaign has already begun. Candidates are making statements to the press and supporters about their intentions to run (or not) in 2018. The time between announcements is beginning to speed up. How can you keep track of all of these announcements? Use the candidate tracker I’ve set up on my website.

In 2016, I created a simple document to track all candidate announcements that were happening at the time. I quickly realized that there are others who are interested in politics and would benefit from this document. I proceeded to create a simple page on my website in hopes of helping a few people keep track of the candidate field as it unfolded. Recently, I updated my Candidate Tracker in preparation for 2018. There are a good number of candidate announcements that have already occurred, and there’s plenty more coming in the next 8 months. Bookmark this page and check back occasionally. I update the page almost every day.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter or via Email if you see any candidate announcements that I may have missed.

Reagan Knopp is a digital political consultant and Editor-in-Chief of Oregon Catalyst.