New gas tax puts Oregon as 5th highest

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon
& Foundation

Oregon lawmakers just passed $530 million in new vehicle and gas taxes.   Most Oregonians do not know the coming sticker shock and taxes that are heading their way.

Here is what the $530 million in new road taxes includes:

New car sales tax — it now costs $157 more on average to purchase a new car.   This tax will be punishing to auto dealers along the Oregon border, like Ontario, that will have to compete with customers driving a few miles to save on the new tax.

10¢ per gallon gas tax increase.  This new increase puts Oregon as the nation’s 5th highest gas tax.

New statewide payroll tax — forcing rural Oregonians to pay a new 0.1% wage tax to subsidize big city bus services they don’t use.

$26 registration and title fee increase combined.  This fees combined make Oregon the nation’s 15th highest tax.

$15 bike tax — Oregon became the first state in the nation with its own bike tax.

25% truck mileage tax increase — Many of the media reporting on this tax failed to mention the huge 25% truck mileage tax increase which will hurt Oregon’s trucking industry.

This transportation tax package was passed by Governor Kate Brown, Senate President Peter Courtney, and Speaker Tina Kotek

Sources: Comparison Data used from National Conference of State Legislatures “Registration and Title Fees by State” Report, 6/15/17, Tax Foundation State Gasoline Tax Rates 2017 Report. Other data from House Bill 2017 Oregon Legislative Staff Measure Summary. Bike tax applies to new bikes over $200.

  • Bob Clark

    The City of Portland has a ten cent gasoline tax itself in addition to getting a share of these state gasoline taxes. So, one more reason to avoid the city of Portland.

  • Granola girl

    Cant wait to sign the petition when it comes around to bring this to the vote of the people along with the gun bill and healthcare tax!! This is getting so ridiculous it’s down right funny!

    • David Johnson

      Ridiculous, Yes.
      Funny, No.

  • CherryAnn1000

    Since these are taxes, don’t we, the voters and taxpayers, have to vote on this for it to be legit? Or has old Pete and his Dims done an end run around us again?

  • David Johnson

    Oregon democrats strike again fighting to keep new industry out of Oregon.

  • Iti Tvnvp

    It’s like they’re begging us not to re-elect them. I say we oblige and censure them for not doing a thing that’s actually good for Oregonians or Americans. Socialist pigs.

  • bigbrother3

    Stayton has a three cent gas tax..not sure if implemented yet or ??This was voted on by the people.

  • David Anderson

    Got to pay for our deteriorating infrastructure somehow. Shit doesn’t fix itself.

  • Bluesman

    Maybe we will see if the tipping point even for the Dims and Libs has been reached next election. These end runs to prop up Portland and PERS seem to have no end with the current spenders in Salem.