Republican Candidate Joey Nations Aims to Unseat Kurt Schrader in CD 5

SALEM, Ore. – State analyst and Salem resident Joey Nations has announced his candidacy in the 2018 race for Oregon’s 5th congressional district. Nations has chosen to run on a campaign focused on serving his constituents and will not accept money from political action committees, unlike his Democratic opponent Kurt Schrader.

“My campaign represents the working men and women of this district who don’t have time for corrupt politicians. We’re tired of special interests and PAC money running Oregon politics and we’re here to take our state back.”

While working at a lobbying firm, Nations saw firsthand the damage and corruption that political action committees cause in our republic. In the 2017-2018 fundraising year alone, 73 percent of donations to Schrader’s campaigns came from PAC contributions. By not accepting PAC money, Nations will be able to focus on his constituents and ensure that their needs are directly tended to, instead of the needs of political action committees.

As representative of Oregon’s 5th district, Nations will fight government corruption in America’s capitol and restore accountability in our district. He will work towards America First immigration policies, term limits, and creating jobs for Oregonians. Nations will work endlessly to preserve the 2nd Amendment at a crucial time in history. He will actively pursue pro-life legislation, and will seek better benefits for our country’s veterans.

About Joey Nations: Nations graduated from University of Utah and worked in the Utah State Senate, and a DC-connected lobbying firm, prior to working as an analyst for the state of Oregon. Nations’ goal is to restore representative government for Oregonians by making himself accessible and accountable to the voters in our district, rather than the special interests. For more information, please visit Nations’ website,, or his facebook page, Joey Nations for Congress.