Downgrade: Firearms Federation Gives Carpenter an “F” for Saying He’d Enforce IP 43 as Governor

During the Oregon GOP Primary Gubernatorial Debate hosted by Lars Larson, candidates Knute Buehler, Greg Wooldridge, and Sam Carpenter sought to reach last-minute voters in the race for the Republican nomination to take on Kate Brown.

18 minutes into the debate, Lars Larson asked the candidates if they would enforce gun confiscation measure IP 43. Knute Buehler said he wouldn’t enforce it as Governor. Greg Wooldridge also said he would not enforce it if elected. Surprising most viewers, Sam Carpenter said he would enforce IP 43 as Governor.

Larson followed up with Sam to ensure he understood correctly, asking Carpenter to clarify his position two more times. Each time, Carpenter said he would enforce IP 43 as the Governor of Oregon.

By the end of the hourlong debate, Oregon Firearms Federation had downgraded Sam Carpenter from B+ to F.

Update: The Lars Larson Show has made the debate available to watch on YouTube. Here is the clip showing the entire exchange on IP 43.