Tax is a Tax petition to outlaw hidden taxes submits 174,000!

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

The Tax is Tax coalition campaign turned in 174,000 signatures yesterday to help qualify for the 2018 General Election Oregon ballot.   Petition #31 is called the Tax is a Tax Amendment as it outlaws hidden backdoor tax increases by strengthening the 60% (3/5th majority) vote rule for all taxes and fee increases.   Voters placed the original 60% vote requirement for all taxes and fees in the Constitution, but politicians found a way around it by relabeling taxes and fees as something else.  The worst case example was when Gov. Kate Brown approved a $1.3 billion small business tax increase (SB 1528) last April.   This $1.3 billion tax was not considered a tax increase.

The Secretary of State’s Office will now processes the petitions for their validity and should reach a decision in a matter of days.