NFIB Oregon PAC Endorses Knute Buehler for Governor

By National Federation of Independent Business | Oregon

The political action arm of Oregon’s leading small-business association today announced its endorsement of Knute Buehler for governor.

“Small businesses across Oregon are ready for a big change. We need a true champion for small business in the governor’s office. That’s why we’re enthusiastically supporting Knute Buehler for governor,” said Anthony Smith, Oregon state director for NFIB, speaking for the NFIB Oregon PAC, which made the endorsement of Buehler.

“Knute Buehler’s pro-small-business voting record during his two terms in the Oregon Legislature, his personal experience running a small business, and his success as one of Oregon’s leading physicians add up to a candidate supremely prepared to lead our state,” said Smith.

“For years, Oregon’s small businesses have been at the mercy of a Legislature that has been all too willing to pass new mandates, impose burdensome regulations, and leave small businesses to foot the bill in the form of higher taxes,” said Alan Brown, small-business owner, NFIB Oregon PAC chairman, and former state representative. “As a legislator, Knute Buehler has proven himself to be a friend of small business – 100 percent of the time. As governor, he’s committed to taking on the big issues facing our state and protecting Oregonians from excessive job-killing regulations and unnecessary taxes on small businesses.”

Small-business owners don’t need to be told what’s at stake in this year’s election, according to Brown. “When the Oregon Legislature passed a bill this year to pocket over $1 billion in tax savings from 300,000 small businesses over the next several years, Knute Buehler didn’t hesitate for a moment. He voted against the bill – and immediately called for its repeal. As Governor, Knute Buehler will exercise the kind of consistent, decisive leadership that Oregon’s small businesses can trust.”