No on Measure 26-201 Portland sales tax ($230M wasted already)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Millions of tax dollars are available for clean energy projects.…but Portland keeps flushing it away!

Ÿ – $58 million tax dollars wasted on the Portland Wapato jail that was built but never used (Oregonian 6-6-18)

– $51,000 of tax dollars wasted on a Portland research project studying drunk birds. (America’s Most Wasted, Senate Report 2016).

– $136 million over-budget for the Portland Public School construction project.  (KATU-TV 5-8-17)

– Portland homeless were put up in hotels costing taxpayers nearly 3x the cost of putting them in apartments.  This needlessly attracted more to come to Portland, straining resources for homeless already here (OPB 3-18-18).

Ÿ-  $15 million “path to nowhere” park project is 150% over-budget (Oregonian 2-11-16)

-Ÿ  $3 million in completely unnecessary “exit bonuses” to City employees who’ve been fired or resigned.   Example: Portland’s former human resources director was given a $195,000 exit bonus to resign.  (KGW-TV 5-16-18)

-Ÿ $7.3 million to upgrade again the Morrison bridge after its last upgrade only lasted two years due to faulty work.

-Ÿ $139,000 to a Portland teacher for staying at home for 22 months because he was deemed too dangerous to be around students.  He eventually was awarded $19,000 to leave. (Portland Tribune 11-9-17)

-Ÿ $39 million wasted on over-budget costs for the Portland’s emergency dispatch system and for the failed City payroll computing system upgrade (Oregonian 3-5-2014).

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No New Taxes until Portland stops wasting what it has.

Taxpayer Association of Oregon urges No on 26-201

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