Elizabeth Warren: Another Phony Liberal


In May of 2017, in the City of Portland, Oregon, now known as the center of mob rule in the Pacific Northwest, Liz Connelly and Kali Wilgus closed their burrito food cart after death threats and threats of physical harm. Their crime – cultural appropriation – two white women had the audacity to open a business featuring hand made burritos. Not a single public official in Portland or Multnomah County rose to their defense. Not the mayor, not a single member of the city council, not a single member of the Multnomah County Commission, not the Portland chief of police, not the Multnomah County Sheriff –not a soul. Instead they all lined up and nodded like bobbleheads as to each accusation of racism, cultural appropriation, white privilege and other nonsense.

And yet, not a single one of these lightweights has been heard to raise a question of a real cultural appropriation – Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be a Native American – and not just an amorphous Native American – a by gawd Cherokee. (A claim that elders of the Cherokee nation have routinely debunked and denied.) She rode that claim to a position with Harvard University reserved for those of Native American ancestry. She continues to be listed by Harvard as a “person of color.” She has published recipes from her Native American “ancestors” – basically the same “crime” committed by Ms. Connelly and Ms. Wilgus in Portland. She has bemoaned the bigotry faced by her mother in Oklahoma and at the hands of her father’s family. (As usual when liberals take liberties with the truth, none are alive to dispute their claims.) At age sixty-nine Ms. Warren’s claims of the burdens of life as a Native American are as tattered and faded as would be my claims (at age seventy-four) of athletic prowess in high school. But, with a much larger respect for the truth than Ms. Warren, I have never made those claims because they would be untrue from start to finish – just like her claims of indigenous ancestry.

But as a true liberal/progressive seeking national office, Ms. Warren must present herself as a victim – in this case, as a Native American. And as true liberal/progressives, not a single member of the mainstream media, nor the Democrat Party, dared to raise a question about the legitimacy of Ms. Warren’s claim for fear of being labeled a racist, an anti-feminist, or a cultural troglodyte. But President Donald Trump – never one to shy from tossing rocks at your glass house – called baloney to Ms. Warren’s claims. He referred to her as Pocahontas and dared Ms. Warren to take a DNA test to prove her claim. He told Ms. Warren that he would donate $1 Million dollars to charity if she would take the test and it proved her claim of Native American ancestry. Ms. Warren resisted and chose to go on ad nauseum about stories of her mother’s woes of discrimination – again without the slightest bit of corroboration.

But the heat can build in the kitchen of national politics and Mr. Trump’s taunts were picked up by others who demanded that she produce proof of her claims. Finally, Ms. Warren secretly engaged a geneticist who concluded – now get this – that it is “possible” that Ms. Warren might have Native American DNA from six to ten generations ago. Not that she did have Native American DNA but that it was possible she did. At best Ms. Warren might be – not is – 1/1024th Native American. That is less than one-tenth of one percent. (For those of you forced to endure a teachers union led education in the Portland Public Schools, you arrive at that by dividing one by 1,024 – oh forget it – just accept that you are going to have to take remedial math at a community college to qualify for a college math course.)

The importance of that is at 1/1024th Ms. Warren has a slightly less chance than the average natural born citizen of the United States of having Native American ancestry. At 1/1024th you are a rounding error – not a Native American. At 1/1024th you stole a position at Harvard reserved for those of Native American ancestry. At 1/1024th you engaged in cultural appropriation by authoring a book of Native American recipes – most of which you copied from sources other than your family. At 1/1024th you are as phony as a three dollar bill.

And just as phony are the liberal/progressives who have remained silent in the face of demonstrable facts that Ms. Warren is no more Native American than you or me. (Mr. Trump, extraordinarily rich and rightfully proud of it, should claim victory in his bet with Ms. Warren but still donate the $1 Million dollars to a charity – in this case Right to Life – which will surely drive Ms. Warren into a fit of rage.) Once again a point of outrage – cultural appropriation – is reserved for everyone except a member of the liberal/progressive wing of the Democrat Party. It follows virtually every cause that the Democrats have appropriated and abused – the civil rights movement, public employee unions, the women’s movement, the #MeToo movement, and now the cultural appropriations movement.

But that is not where phony ends with Ms. Warren.

Ms. Warren has positioned herself as a champion of the poor and the working class – this latter claim is important here. She is a constant critic of anybody and anything that makes money. She holds a particular venom for the 1%’ers. She is a constant and vocal champion for the redistribution of your wealth – not hers, just yours. You see Ms. Warren is a full time United States Senator where she earns approximately $175,000 per year plus health and retirement benefits. But despite that she continues to be paid by Harvard University as professor, lecturer, scold – whatever title makes Harvard feel good. Her husband is likewise paid as a professor at Harvard. And then there are the fees from book sales, speeches and other means by which politicians enrich themselves. A recent release of 10-years of Ms. Warren’s tax returns indicates that that the couple earns, on average over $1 Million per year – putting her decidedly in the company of the 1%’ers she claims to loath. But that’s all right – Ms. Warren is entitled to earn whatever she can legally make. Harvard University – a private institution populated by the rich and powerful – is entitled to pay Ms. Warren whatever it wants.

It’s not what Ms. Warren earns. It’s what she does with her earning juxtaposed against her demands of you and me. A telling incident occurred in 2009 and is chronicled by Stephen Heller in a post now carried by Legal Insurrection:

“Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren says she is a “fighter” for moderate-income Americans (“Warren wins U.S. Senate seat,” CambridgeChronicle, Nov. 8). When given the opportunity to stand up for low-income employees at Harvard three years ago, however, where she has been a tenured professor for almost 20 years, Warren did nothing of the sort.

“In 2009, at the depth of the recession, Harvard’s endowment, because of its high-risk investing, decreased 30 percent. The university proclaimed it
needed to cut costs and warned low-paid staff of layoffs. Many on campus asked the administration to follow the example of institutions like Beth Israel hospital and request faculty and other high earners to take pay reductions as a means to save jobs.

“Several employees at Harvard Law School circulated a petition asking all law school members, who could, to make such a sacrifice. Warren and her husband (also a Harvard Law professor) have combined yearly incomes in the $1 million range and she earned another $200,000 for work she called “part-time” in Washington. During this uneasy period when across campus staff feared for their livelihoods, Warren remained silent.

“Harvard president Drew Faust — whose own salary is close to $1 million — and university administrators ignored requests for pay reductions. Ultimately 275 lower-income employees lost their jobs and many more were persuaded to retire. Harvard professors, ever fond of inveighing against “corporate greed” and voicing slogans like “shared sacrifice,” suffered no inconvenience.

“Warren now vows to go to Washington to fight for the middle class. But, like so many academics, she is more adept at feathering her own nest than truly helping Americans in need.”

–Stephen Helfer, Crawford Street

Like most liberal/progressives, Ms. Warren is long on spending your money for her great ideas but woefully short on spending her own.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a phony. She is basically Hillary Clinton in a linen jacket with push-up sleeves. And she has about as much chance of becoming President of the United States as Ms. Clinton.