Lars: Decoding Gov. Brown’s latest promises

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

Will it be Business as Usual for Kate Brown’s Term as Governor?

Kate brown now has a full four year term ahead of her as governor. She took the oath of office this month. So what does she plan to do with that? More of the same to judge from her recent statements. She says she plans to fix the homeless problem, although nothing she’s done in the past four years suggests she knows how to do that, or is willing to do it.

Brown says she plans to stabilize the Oregon health plan – her word. That was the deal cut under Obamacare that offered so-called free money from the federal government for a few years, and then hundreds of millions of dollars of extra costs to the state that would drop on top of taxpayers. “Stabilize” is Democrat-speak for new taxes and spending.

The governor says she will invest in public schools. My secret decoder ring says that’s bigger salaries for everybody who works in a school system that currently fails the majority of students with high dropout rates and low test scores. She’s already lined up a full two billion in ideas for new taxes and fees, and not a single for fixing the 50 billion deficit in the public pension plan.