Oregon Republican Campaigners launch ‘The Rational Republican’ podcast

By Northwest Spotlight

Two veterans of campaigns here in Oregon have met up to start a new podcast in which they’ll cover some ideas and strategies to end the Democratic Party’s grasp on all levels of government. James A. Ball, who volunteered on Lori Chavez-DeRemer’s race for a seat in the state house, and Nick Prelosky, who was on the finance team of Knute Buehler’s race for governor, both experienced the sting of seeing highly qualified candidates come up short. 

Rather than ruminating on the losses, James and Nick decided to take a step forward and start to discuss ideas that can boost the number of registered Republicans in Oregon, bring over part of the Democratic Party that are receptive to a regime change, and set the table for high quality policy.

With the title “The Rational Republican,” the podcast will cover both local and national issues. Instead of concerning themselves with whether particular candidates or ideas are too moderate or too far to the right, the pair aims to take on issues that can be reframed in such a way that conservatives can get behind them, moderates can proudly sign on, and even some Democrats can see the value of reconsidering how they vote.

James, an Oregon native, is a combat Veteran with three tours in Afghanistan and is a Republican PCP in Multnomah County. He’s able to utilize the leadership skills and on the ground experience he’s had to cultivate over the years to see the value in putting aside intra-party squabbles and working to advance the type of policy that can prevail here in Oregon.

Nick has been in the state since 2015. He’s lived in several states, and visited all 50, and has been able to take the best ideas and experiences from all over to discuss here in the podcast. He’s worked for conservative think tanks, local government officials, a governor, and a congressman, and is excited to discuss the options for the party going forward. 

Oregon Republicans have work to do. The 2018 elections proved that, nearly wiping the bench clean and leaving the GOP absolutely no mechanism for stopping a Democratic Party that’s planning to double down on higher spending, ineffective policies, and an avoidance of any everyday issues that matter to real Oregonians. James and Nick are looking forward to discussing ways for the GOP to get back in the winner’s circle and be ready to hit the ground running with policy ideas and prescriptions that can appeal to all Oregonians. 

Visit the podcast website JamesABall.com or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music or SoundCloud.