Stop the theft of your $336 Kicker Income Tax Refund

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The State of Oregon has over-collected $700 million in surplus tax revenue due to an unexpected surge in personal income and businesses tax revenue. Voters put into the Constitution the Kicker law that requires all over-collected taxes (above 2%) be returned back to the taxpayers. The average Oregon taxpayer is expected to see a $336.00 refund in 2020.

The Senate Finance Committee is soliciting public testimony on SJR 23, a ballot referral, which abolishes the Kicker Tax Refund and lets government keep the over-collected money.

Please Call & email the honored State Senators below and urge a No Vote on SJR 23. The Kicker Refund belongs to the people. It’s your money. Respectfully & kindly share how important this $336 is to your family.

Senate Finance Committee
Senator Mark Hass……….. 503-986-1714…………. [email protected]
Senator Cliff Bentz……….. 503-986-1730………… [email protected]
Senator Brian Boquist ……503-986-1712……….. [email protected]
Senator Chuck Riley…….. 503-986-1715 …………[email protected]
Senator Kathleen Taylor.. 503-986-1721………… [email protected]

You can email a statement directly into the public record on SJR 23 here: [email protected]

Remember to be courteous and considerate to our honored lawmakers as you share how important the Kicker law is to you.

They want our kicker but Oregon government has not controlled their own spending!

– Over $300 million for a Health Care website (Cover Oregon) that was never used.
– Over $200 million to study a bridge (CRC Bridge) that was never built
– $50 million for a jail (Wapato) that was never used.
– Over $300 million for vacant government employees that never worked.
– $26 billion PERS pension debt that has been virtually ignored for years.

Please call today.

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