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Taxpayers win as the Oregon Income Tax Refund Kicker will officially kick this year
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Good news for taxpayers as the state announced that the Oregon economy boomed so much that the State took in $464 million in unexpected and over-collected tax revenue. As required by the vote of the people enshrined in our State Constitution, those over-collected funds must be returned to those Oregonians who over-payed.

The average Oregon Kicker Refund is $227.

As the media reported on the Oregon Income Tax Kicker Refund news they expectedly showcased the screams of horror from politicians who wanted to steal your income tax kicker refund and decried that state government is starving for lack of funds.
Oregon State spending grew 10.3 percent from the previous 2-year budget. A 10% growth is impressive since the national economy only grew 1.6% in 2016 according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

Oregon spending for education increased by nearly a half-billion dollars. That is about double what schools have increased in the previous three years.

The Taxpayer Association was one of the only voices during the 2017 Legislature against stealing your Income Tax Kicker Refund.  If you appreciate receiving your Oregon Income Tax Kicker Refund, please support us here

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  • Bob Clark

    Awesome! It’s kind of crazy conservative economists like me would expect the overly centrally planned Oregon economy would cave sometime soon but is instead growing relatively well. Some of it I believe has to do with the federal government transfers to Oregon boosted by the Obama welfare state (those federal matching dollars for Oregon’s Medicaid surge, for instance; which the “Swamp” continues to dole out despite blunt President Trump’s head banging attempts otherwise).

    I think also for all the madness of Oregon’s green programs imposing losses (BETC, for instance) and costs on Oregon taxpayers and consumers; it’s really about labeling the state green, even though it has always been green with heavy forests; which induces in-migration from the upper end and middle workers.

    The same expansion of the welfare state is a boon to the government classes, and at the same time, it induces more of the less motivated to move to the sidelines of government dependency; drawing in more homelessness.

  • Oregon Engineer

    I would rather pay less in taxes. good to get some back but the next legislative session will ensure that the revenue estimate and spending cover any possibility of a kicker. so all of you people out there that think only the rich get a kicker shut up and get ready to pay more taxes.

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