Former House Speaker Bev Clarno Appointed Next Secretary of State

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has named former Oregon House Speaker Bev Clarno (R-Redmond) the next Secretary of State. She will finish the term of the late Dennis Richardson, who passed away in February.

From the Governor’s release:

I’m honored by the confidence that Governor Brown has placed in me and pledge to be a good steward of the office. I know there is not a Republican way or a Democrat way to oversee elections—there is only a fair and honest way. There is not a Republican way or a Democrat way to audit state agencies, there is only a fair, thorough, and honest way. I will administer the key functions of this office in a way that will earn the trust and faith of all Oregonians,

Bev Clarno via Governor Brown’s Press Release

Reactions from Oregon Republicans have been generally positive.

There is no question that Bev Clarno will be even handed and fair and will work with all parties, not just the Democratic and Republican party, but all parties in Oregon — which is critical for a Secretary of State not to play favorites,

Senator Tim Knopp to OPB.

We want to congratulate Bev Clarno on her appointment as Secretary of State. She brings with her experience from a distinguished career of public service and excellent knowledge of our state government. We are optimistic that the excellent, groundbreaking work of Secretary Richardson and his talented staff may continue. We look forward to working with her in the coming months to address the substantive issues of ensuring transparency and accountability of state government, the integrity of our elections, and other vital work of the Secretary of State’s office.

Oregon Republican Party