School board candidate David Salinas needs to explain his racist tweets

By Northwest Spotlight —

Voting begins next week across the state in local district elections, such as for school boards. One such school board in Salem-Keizer, oversees the 2nd largest school district in the state of Oregon, and all three races in 2019 are contested. 

Recently, tweets have surfaced from a candidate named David Salinas who is running in Zone 4 for the Salem-Keizer School Board. The tweets have circulated to some people in the community but Salinas has yet to address them publicly. The Twitter account in question links to a website which links back to Salinas’s personal Facebook page (which he has used to campaign for school board).

Just as a warning, these tweets contain casual uses of the N-word as well as paint an unflattering picture of Hispanic women. The tweets are still public and embeded below.