Lars Larson: Hands off our “kicker”!

Larson Larson,
National radio host

Anytime I have food in my hands, I get the undivided attention of my two scottie dogs. They’re my best friends for the moment.

Those in government sometimes behave like dogs: make a mess on the living room rug, chew up your favorite shoes and then when you call them on it, they tilt their heads to one side like “don’t know what you’re talking about”.

I thought about that when I heard that Oregonians stand to get 1.4 billion of tax dollars back thanks to the Constitutionally guaranteed tax kicker. We put it in the Constitution so the rocket scientists at the state legislature couldn’t mess with it.

But I think with this record sized tax refund coming our way we should prepare.

Think of it like standing there with a big fat steak in your hands as you confront a slobbering rottweiler.

Lawmakers just passed the biggest tax increase in state history…one voters just rejected 30 months ago…saying “no” by a 16 point margin.

But like the rottweiler and that steak, he just simply knows: you have it; he wants it.

If a finger or two ends up in his mouth it all digests the same