Lars Larson: Gov. Brown caught in PERS lie

Larson Larson,
National radio host,

Kate Brown has been turning me down for years. The Democrat Governor likes reporters who throw softball questions. I’ve asked her staff and I’ve even asked her face-to-face to come in for an interview. Always “no”: Now you know why.  Yesterday, I dialed in to a telephone press conference with the Governor. She had just signed the biggest tax increase in state history and I challenged her that the money would go to PERS pensions, and mostly to workers already retired. Brown denied it, saying, quote “I believe that none of it will go into PERS”.

Even the Daily Dead Fishwrapper expresses disbelief about THAT recently. OregonLive says a quarter of the money will go to PERS immediately and half of it in just a few years. Brown’s learned nothing from her corrupt predecessor, John Kitzhaber. She allows kids to die under the eye of state workers and hides the facts, she’s never met a tax she doesn’t like, she hates gun ownership with a passion, and she lies to the public: the latest less than 24 hours ago.

She’s a lame duck…can’t run for another term, so she’s dangerous and if citizens want justice, they must find it at the ballot box.

Take back your government.