Reject the insane Carbon Tax plan for poverty rebates

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The politicians admit the Oregon Carbon Tax (HB 2020) is going to be extremely painful as it is expected to raise gas prices by 16-cents and home heating prices by 53%. The price of everything you find in a grocery or retail store will likely be going up. California has a Carbon Tax and they saw exploding gas and utility prices — and were recently rated the #1 poverty state in America.

The Oregon politicians have a magic solution which is to offer tax rebates to poor people to offset the pain of the soaring gas prices and home heating prices. 

OPB reports, “[F]uel rebates for low-income Oregonians to make up for rising gas prices that could result from the program”

You heard it correctly. As the Carbon Tax (HB 2020) slowly makes Oregonians poorer, just like California, we could then claim government welfare vouchers in the form of rebates on our taxes.

We don’t want brand new vouchers or rebates from the government.  We want to live in a healthy economy, have stable jobs and live in an affordable state.

So destructive is this Carbon Tax (HB 2020) scheme that they even once discussed creating a fund for displaced workers that this tax would create (see They admit Carbon Tax will destroy jobs).

How bad is your government scheme when you know it will create poverty and create a new population of people needing new welfare-style poverty benefits? The Oregon Carbon Tax is a bad idea and Oregonians should call their lawmaker to stop it.

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