Don’t steal our Kicker to pile on $6B road tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

House Speaker Tina Kotek has unveiled a bill (HB 3440) that would steal the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund (which you could be getting $330-$430 per person Kicker Refund in 2020) and use it to pay for road projects.

The politicians already approved a $6 billion 10-year road tax in 2017.  This massive road funding tax included higher gas taxes, a brand new car sales tax, a brand new income tax surcharge, higher annual car registration fees, a 20%+ truck tax and the nation’s first statewide bike tax. This giant across-the-board road tax was enacted when Oregonians were already paying higher gas taxes than the average state. That is right. Oregonians were paying more in gas taxes but not getting the new roads, so a whopping $6 billion in newer taxes were passed. Here we are two years later and now the politicians want to steal our Kicker Income Tax to pass for road widening projects.

Speaker Kotex also wants to steal our Kicker Income Tax Refund (which once again may average $330 to $430 per person) to pay for green energy slush fund projects.  Green energy slush fund projects are already paid for by a massive 3% charge on our electric bill called the Public Purpose Charge. Was the billion in higher utility taxes from the Public Purpose Charge not enough for Oregon’s green energy projects? Also, Portland just passed a tax on businesses to fund tens of millions into their green energy projects and they have their own local gas tax.   Why is that not enough money for roads or green energy projects?

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