Sales tax repeal petition begins with boom

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

It has been little over the first 100 hours of going public and our office has fielded about 300 requests (sometimes every five minutes — see image) for the petition to repeal the $2.6 billion Oregon business sales tax, and yet, we are just one coalition partner in the wider campaign and our massive statewide mailing will likely hit mailboxes today or tomorrow.

The enthusiasm is out there and we wished to direct it to those going to Oregon’s largest public event — The Rose Festival parade tomorrow — to go with a 10-line petition sheet. This is fantastic opportunity to gather signatures and educate the public waiting for the parade on this terrible $2.6 billion tax. It is a great time to remind people that we are raising billion dollar taxes despite (1) record raising revenue coming into state coffers (2) Oregon ranks in the top 10 taxing states in the nation and (3) we have already raised $2 billion in new taxes in the past 10 years.

If you would like a petition please request one by emailing your NAME and ADDRESS to [email protected].

If you wish to stop by our Beaverton location and pick up petitions, please email us at the same address.

This petition gives you the right to vote on Oregon’s largest tax increase. The public was shut out of the process on one of the biggest decisions in a decade. Now you can decide the fate and voice your vote on this awful $2.6 billion sales tax.

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