Sign petition to repeal $2 billion sales tax

Petition are available to repeal the $2 billion business tax (HB 3427)
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The politicians and the Governor signed into law a $2.6 billion business sales tax.  Voters were not given a vote on this tax.  The tax was rushed out of the State Capitol with less public hearings than the average bill and a censor of opposing amendments.   Petition #301 gives the public the RIGHT TO VOTE on the largest tax in Oregon history.

If you would like a petition please request one by emailing your NAME and ADDRESS to [email protected].

We will mail you a petition immediately upon your request.

This petition gives you the right to vote on Oregon’s largest tax increase. The public was shut out of the process on one of the biggest decisions in a decade. Now you can decide the fate and voice your vote on this awful $2.6 billion sales tax.

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