Big bills speed through Senate in final hours

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

(Updated 6/30/19 2:00pm, again at 7:30pm) — Dozens of bills are speeding through the Senate in order to make the June 30th midnight deadline. Here is a list of the bills racing through the Oregon State Senate. We highlighted the major ones passing the Senate (SB 861, SB 116, HB 2015, SB 1013, HB 2716, SJR 18, Hb 2005, SB 761, HB 2164, HB 2270, HB 2005)

Handicapping voters use of electronic downloadable petitions: SB 761 passed both chambers and the bill would make it immensely more difficult for voters to download and print single-signer petitions from their onw home.

Expanding earned income tax credit: HB 2164 increases Oregon’s earned income tax credit.

Tobacco, vaping and cigar tax increase: Hb 2270 passed the senate which raises $350 million in higher taxes on tobacco, vaping e-cigarette products and cigar tax rates.

Paid Family Leave Tax passes:  HB 2005 passed the Senate which creates a new tax to fund an insurance for paid family leave and paid medical leave for employees.

Curbing Single family zoning  bill : House Bill 2001, which rolls back traditional exclusively single-family zoning by allowing much more multi-housing zoning passed.

Postage paid ballots: Senate Bill 861 passed which pays the postage for election ballots.

Politicizing the $2.6 billion business sales tax election date: Senate Bill 116 passed which allows the politicians to pick the election date in case the $2.6 billion business sales tax repeal qualifies for the ballot. It sets the date for a special election in January 2020 rather than the general election next year (where more people show up because the politicians don’t want people showing up for this tax repeal).

Reversing voter decision on undocumented drivers: House Bill 2015 passed which approves giving driver’s license to undocumented immigrants despite this measure being rejected by voters in 2014 by huge margins.

Make the death penalty harder to get: Senate Bill 1013 passed Approved bill to limit the death penalty to only terrorist or if you kill at least two people with the exception for the killing law enforcement or a child.

Campaign finance reform measure to change constitution. House Bill 2716 requires campaign advertisements to include names of organization donors. Senate Joint Resolution 18 is a referral to voters to change constitution to curb free speech by allowing limits on people’s political participation through donations.

Campaign finance reform measure to label campaign advertisements. House Bill 2716 requires campaign advertisements to include names of organization donors.

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